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Ms Katja Achermann's picture
Ms Katja Achermann
Ms Rosalind Acland's picture
Ms Rosalind Acland

From Theory to Practice: The Influence of Classical Natural Law Jurisprudence on 17th Century English Common Law
Mr Sebastian Kjaernli Aguirre's picture
Mr Sebastian Kjaernli Aguirre
Ms Alexandra Allen-Franks's picture
Ms Alexandra Allen-Franks
Mr Ibrahim Alturki's picture
Mr Ibrahim Alturki
Ms Jeanne-Rose Arn's picture
Ms Jeanne-Rose Arn
Mr Rishabh Bajoria's picture
Mr Rishabh Bajoria
Mr Mawuse Oliver Barker-Vormawor's picture
Mr Mawuse Oliver Barker-Vormawor
Ms Bhumika Billa's picture
Ms Bhumika Billa

Law as code and power: towards an information theory of law
Ms Ana Leticia Blasi Magini's picture
Ms Ana Leticia Blasi Magini
Ms Rebecca Brown's picture
Ms Rebecca Brown

Global Crises, Domestic Solutions: National Implementation of Global Health Law as Collective Action
Ms Giordana Campagna's picture
Ms Giordana Campagna

Dissertation Title: The Constitution of Mercy
Ms Ira Chadha-Sridhar's picture
Ms Ira Chadha-Sridhar

A Care Ethical Theory of Political Obligation
Ms Shraddha Chaudhary's picture
Ms Shraddha Chaudhary

Operationalising the Concept of Child Sexual Exploitation in the Indian Legal Framework of Child Sexual Abuse: Balancing Sexual Autonomy and Protection of Vulnerability
Ms Thea Chesterfield's picture
Ms Thea Chesterfield

Risk, Foreseeability and Diligence in International Human Rights Law
Ms Anna L. Christie's picture
Ms Anna L. Christie
Mr Tim Clark's picture
Mr Tim Clark

Teleology in the Law of International Organisations
Mr Tim Cochrane's picture
Mr Tim Cochrane
Mr Victor Crochet's picture
Mr Victor Crochet
Mr Diego De Guadalupe Romero Rivero's picture
Mr Diego De Guadalupe Romero Rivero
Mr Christian Delev's picture
Mr Christian Delev

Figments of Fragmentation in International Trade Law: Examining the Relationship between WTO Law and Regional Trade Agreements
Ms Catherine Drummond's picture
Ms Catherine Drummond

The breach of an international obligation
Mr Fabian Eichberger's picture
Mr Fabian Eichberger

Self-Judgment in International Law
Ms Autumn Ellis's picture
Ms Autumn Ellis
Ms Liyu Feng's picture
Ms Liyu Feng
Ms Rebecca Freund's picture
Ms Rebecca Freund
Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt's picture
Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt

Ms Alexandra Giannidi's picture
Ms Alexandra Giannidi
Miss Jelena Gligorijevic's picture
Miss Jelena Gligorijevic
Ms Daniela Gueiros Dias's picture
Ms Daniela Gueiros Dias
Mr Louis Guilbault's picture
Mr Louis Guilbault
Mr Çağrı Gürkanlı's picture
Mr Çağrı Gürkanlı
Mr Jose Rogelio Gutierrez Alvarez's picture
Mr Jose Rogelio Gutierrez Alvarez
Ms F. Hamid-Butt's picture
Ms F. Hamid-Butt

Cryptoassets and Smart Contracts: a Challenge to the Law of Succession?
Ms Lily Hands's picture
Ms Lily Hands

Can Law Govern Algorithms?
Mr Ibrahim Hanif's picture
Mr Ibrahim Hanif
Ms Laura Hannan's picture
Ms Laura Hannan
Mr Harry Harland's picture
Mr Harry Harland
Mr Matt Hasler's picture
Mr Matt Hasler

The Normative Foundations of Family Law
Mr Christopher Hose's picture
Mr Christopher Hose

Obligations of Good Faith in Contract Law

Miss Lora Izvorova's picture
Miss Lora Izvorova
Mr Shubham Jain's picture
Mr Shubham Jain
Ms Anna John's picture
Ms Anna John
Mr Matt Jordan's picture
Mr Matt Jordan

Liminality and the Law: interrogating jurisprudence throughout the liminal life cycle
Ms Vandita Khanna's picture
Ms Vandita Khanna
Mr Nicholas Kilford's picture
Mr Nicholas Kilford

Thesis: The Protection of Parliamentary Sovereignty in the UK's Multi-Layered Constitution
Ms So Yeon Kim's picture
Ms So Yeon Kim

Marine Protected Areas and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
Mr Finn Kinsler O'Sullivan's picture
Mr Finn Kinsler O'Sullivan

The Basis of the Doctrine of Frustration
Ms Helin Laufer's picture
Ms Helin Laufer
Ms Brigitte Leal's picture
Ms Brigitte Leal

Promises and Pitfalls of Chile's Environmental Liability to Tackle Air Pollution
Mr Kui Li's picture
Mr Kui Li
Ms Agnes Lindberg's picture
Ms Agnes Lindberg
Miss Anna Lukina's picture
Miss Anna Lukina

Towards a Jurisprudence of Evil Law
Mr Damien Macedo's picture
Mr Damien Macedo

Orbital Commerce: A New Venue for International Tax
Ms Dora Robinson's picture
Ms Dora Robinson
Mr Joshu Majima's picture
Mr Joshu Majima
Mr David Matyas's picture
Mr David Matyas
Mr Jacob Meagher's picture
Mr Jacob Meagher

A New Understanding of Constructive Trust
Mr Julien Miéral's picture
Mr Julien Miéral

The Implementation of the European Union Trade Agreements and their Enforcement Mechanisms
Mr Guy Mulley's picture
Mr Guy Mulley

The Concept of 'Employment' in Tax Law
Ms Menaal Munshey's picture
Ms Menaal Munshey
Mr Kenneth Okwor's picture
Mr Kenneth Okwor

Towards a West African Law on Economic and Monetary Union
Mrs Kate Ollerenshaw's picture
Mrs Kate Ollerenshaw

PhD Student; Teaching Associate
Mr Vincent Ooi's picture
Mr Vincent Ooi
Ms Aliki Athina Papanastasiou's picture
Ms Aliki Athina Papanastasiou

Incidental Questions in International Adjudication: A Study of the Limits of Implicit Jurisdiction
Ms Anna Peters's picture
Ms Anna Peters
Mr Darren Peterson's picture
Mr Darren Peterson
Mr Nicholas Petrie's picture
Mr Nicholas Petrie

'Australia's Common Law Constitution'
Mr James Pinder's picture
Mr James Pinder
Mr Folakunmi Pinheiro's picture
Mr Folakunmi Pinheiro
Mr Ori Pomson's picture
Mr Ori Pomson

The Limitations of the Judicial Function of International Courts and Tribunals
Mr Francisco-José Quintana's picture
Mr Francisco-José Quintana
Ms Ashrutha Rai's picture
Ms Ashrutha Rai

The Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflict and Forced Displacement
Ms Joana Ribeiro de Faria's picture
Ms Joana Ribeiro de Faria
Mr M. Rivoire's picture
Mr M. Rivoire

International Commercial Arbitration, Private International Law, and Intellectual Property
Mr A. Samartzis's picture
Mr A. Samartzis
Ms Holli Sargeant's picture
Ms Holli Sargeant

Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services: Economics, Human Rights & Law
Mr Quentin B. Schäfer's picture
Mr Quentin B. Schäfer

Unitary Approaches to the IP-Antitrust Intersection
Mr Pedro Schilling De Carvalho's picture
Mr Pedro Schilling De Carvalho

Fragmentation in International Financial Regulation: Rethinking Financial Regulation for a Multipolar World
Mr Rolando Seijas Bolinaga's picture
Mr Rolando Seijas Bolinaga
Mr Aradhya Sethia's picture
Mr Aradhya Sethia
Mr Eugene Shevchuk's picture
Mr Eugene Shevchuk

Ms Tvisha Shroff's picture
Ms Tvisha Shroff
Mr David Taylor's picture
Mr David Taylor
Mr A. Thompson's picture
Mr A. Thompson

Legal Evolution: A Study of Contract and Intellectual Property
Ms J.L. Tridgell's picture
Ms J.L. Tridgell

Global Governance of Free and Open Source Software
Ms Jenifer Varzaly's picture
Ms Jenifer Varzaly

College Teaching Associate (Downing)
Ms Marina Velickovic's picture
Ms Marina Velickovic
Mr G. Vial-Fourcade's picture
Mr G. Vial-Fourcade
Ms Elizabeth Virgo's picture
Ms Elizabeth Virgo

Land Registration and the Guarantee of Title
Mr Paul Warchuk's picture
Mr Paul Warchuk

Judicial Review in Early Modern England
Mr Daniel Ward's picture
Mr Daniel Ward

Thesis: 'The Technicality of Law'
Ms Halcyon Weber's picture
Ms Halcyon Weber

Justinian's 'decisiones' in the context of his codification
Ms Carly Whelan's picture
Ms Carly Whelan
Mr Forest Yu's picture
Mr Forest Yu
Mr Zhenbin Zuo's picture
Mr Zhenbin Zuo