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Professor TRS Allan's picture
Professor TRS Allan

Professor Emeritus of Jurisprudence and Public Law
Professor PJ Allott's picture
Professor PJ Allott

Emeritus Professor of International Public Law
Professor Neil H Andrews's picture
Professor Neil H Andrews

Professor Emeritus of Law
Lady Mary Arden of Heswall DBE's picture
Lady Mary Arden of Heswall DBE

Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Dr AWE Bainham's picture
Dr AWE Bainham

Emeritus Reader in Family Law and Policy
Professor Sir John H Baker's picture
Professor Sir John H Baker

Downing Professor Emeritus of the Laws of England
Professor John Bell's picture
Professor John Bell

Emeritus Professor of Law
Professor Sir AE Bottoms's picture
Professor Sir AE Bottoms

Wolfson Professor of Criminology
Lord Robert Carnwath's picture
Lord Robert Carnwath

Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Professor Malcolm A Clarke's picture
Professor Malcolm A Clarke

Professor Emeritus of Commercial Contract Law
Professor Sir AA Dashwood's picture
Professor Sir AA Dashwood

Emeritus Professor of European Law
Dr Jennifer S Davis's picture
Dr Jennifer S Davis

Emeritus Fellow, Wolfson College; Director of Studies, Law Graduate Students, Wolfson College, Member, Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law
Professor DP Farrington's picture
Professor DP Farrington

Professor of Pychological Criminology (Institute of Criminology)
Professor David Feldman's picture
Professor David Feldman

Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of English Law; Emeritus Fellow of Downing College
Professor Richard Fentiman's picture
Professor Richard Fentiman

Professor of Private International Law
Professor Christopher F Forsyth's picture
Professor Christopher F Forsyth

Affiliated Lecturer
Prof Loraine Gelsthorpe's picture
Prof Loraine Gelsthorpe

Professor (Institute of Criminology); Director of the Institute of Criminology
Lord (Tony) Grabiner's picture
Lord (Tony) Grabiner

Master of Clare College
Professor Christine D Gray's picture
Professor Christine D Gray

Emeritus Professor of International Law
Professor Kevin Gray's picture
Professor Kevin Gray

Emeritus Professor of Law
Dr AT Grounds's picture
Dr AT Grounds

University Senior Lecturer (Institute of Criminology)
Lady Brenda Hale's picture
Lady Brenda Hale

Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Mrs Cherry Hopkins's picture
Mrs Cherry Hopkins

Life Fellow
Professor DJ Ibbetson's picture
Professor DJ Ibbetson

Professor of Civil Law (Regius)
The Right Hon Lord David Lloyd Jones's picture
The Right Hon Lord David Lloyd Jones

Yorke Fund Distinguished Fellow

Professor Friedrich Lösel's picture
Professor Friedrich Lösel

Director of Research (Institute of Criminology)
Dr Roderick Munday's picture
Dr Roderick Munday

Reader Emeritus in Law
Dr MPC Oldham's picture
Dr MPC Oldham

Retired University Lecturer
Professor Nicola (Nicky) Padfield's picture
Professor Nicola (Nicky) Padfield

Professor of Criminal and Penal Justice; Director, Cambridge Centre for Criminal Justice
Ms E Sharpston's picture
Ms E Sharpston

Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow; Arthur Goodhart Visiting Professor in Legal Science 2023-24
Professor Lawrence Sherman's picture
Professor Lawrence Sherman

Wolfson Professor of Criminology
Professor Nigel Simmonds's picture
Professor Nigel Simmonds

Emeritus Professor of Jurisprudence
Professor John R Spencer's picture
Professor John R Spencer

Professor Emeritus of Law
Dr Rosy Thornton's picture
Dr Rosy Thornton
Mrs J Tiley's picture
Mrs J Tiley

College Fellow (Lucy Cavendish College)
Professor Andreas von Hirsch's picture
Professor Andreas von Hirsch

Honorary Professor of Penal Theory and Penal Law
Professor PO Wikstrom's picture
Professor PO Wikstrom

Professor of Ecological and Developmental Criminology (Institute of Criminology)
Professor Toni Williams's picture
Professor Toni Williams

Senior Tutor (Girton College)
Professor Dame Sarah Worthington's picture
Professor Dame Sarah Worthington

Downing Professor Emeritus of the Laws of England
Professor David Yates's picture
Professor David Yates