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Committee information

The Conference is approaching its 48th year and is run by a committee of Law undergraduates from various Colleges at the University of Cambridge. Being chosen to join the Committee in our first year, we remain part of the Conference until our third year, each year taking on more responsibility.

Whilst we are supported logistically by the Faculty of Law and our partner Colleges, all events are organised and run exclusively by us - the Conference takes around nine months to a year to plan!

Committee members

  • President – Josef Burns – 3rd Year at Jesus College
  • Vice-President/Treasurer – Marcus Choy – 3rd Year at Magdalene College
  • Applications Officer – Chantelle Chiuri – 2nd Year at St Johns College
  • Accommodation Officer – Penelope Slater – 2nd Year at Girton College
  • Outreach Officer – Janindu Weerasinghe – 1st Year at St Johns College
  • Lectures Officer – Cormac Hoare – 1st Year at Churchill College
  • Logistics Officer – Liv Hambridge – 1st Year at Girton College

Further information for how to get in touch: or

For questions relating to applications to study at the University of Cambridge, please refer to the University admissions website, and Faculty of Law BA website, or contact the Law Faculty Outreach Team on