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Directors of Studies for the Academic Year 2018-2019

Christ's College

Dr D de Cogan (Part IB - Easter Term)

Dr T Hawker-Dawson (Part IA; Part IB - Michaelmas & Lent Terms)

Dr R Williams (Part II, LLM & MCL)

Churchill College

Mr B Reddy

Clare College

Professor NH Andrews (Parts IB & II)

Mr L Maniscalco (Part IA & LLM)

Clare Hall

Dr C MacKenzie

Corpus Christi College

Dr J Morgan (Parts IA, IB and II)

Dr A Sanger (LLM & MCL)

Darwin College

Mr JFW Weitzdorfer

Downing College

Ms A Goymour

Emmanuel College

Professor L Bently (Part IA)

Dr R Thornton (Parts IB, II, LLM & MCL)

Fitzwilliam College

Dr A Ludlow

Girton College

Dr S Palmer (Part IA)

Dr S Stark (LLM & MCL)

Dr S Tofaris (Parts IB & II)

Gonville & Caius College

Dr J Scherpe (Parts IB & II)

Dr R Yotova (Part IA, LLM & MCL)

Homerton College

Dr S Wallace

Hughes Hall

Dr M Gehring (Parts IB & II)

Dr J Skopek (LLM & MCL)

Dr M Steinfeld (Parts IA & IB)

Jesus College

Professor E Benvenisti (LLM & MCL)

Mr J Grower (Part IA; Parts IB & II - Lent Term)

Dr M Waibel (Parts IB & II - Michaelmas & Easter Terms)

King's College

Dr H Grosse Ruse-Khan (Part IA, LLM & MCL)

Dr S Ranganathan (Parts IB & II)

Lucy Cavendish College

Dr S Butler

Magdalene College

Dr NG Jones (Parts IA, IB & II)

Dr A du Bois-Pedain (LLM & MCL)

Murray Edwards College

Dr M Moore (Part IB - Michaelmas Term; LLM & MCL)

Ms O Murray (Part IB & II - Lent & Easter Terms)

Dr S Turenne (Part IA; Part II - Michaelmas Term)

Newnham College

Dr C Angelopoulos (Part II, LLM & MCL)

Dr F Steffek (Parts IA & IB)

Pembroke College

Mr N McBride


Dr A Haldar

Queens' College

Dr JWF Allison (LLM & MCL)

Professor M Dixon (Part II; Part IB - Easter & Lent Terms)

Dr F Paddeu (Part IA - Michaelmas Term)

Dr Paul Daly (Part IA - Lent & Easter Terms)

Robinson College

Dr B Sloan (Parts IB & II, LLM & MCL)

Professor A Young (Part IA)

St Catharine's College

Professor MC Elliott (Part IA)

Dr R Melikan (Part IB)

Mr L Shmilovits (Part II, LLM & MCL - Lent & Easter Terms)

Dr P Turner (Part II, LLM & MCL - Michaelmas Term)

St Edmund's College

Dr S Butler

St John's College

Dr J Bell (Part IA)

Ms J Gardner (Part IB)

Professor CD Gray (Part II & LLM)

Selwyn College

Dr JA O'Sullivan

Sidney Sussex College

Dr FL Bordin (Parts IA & II - Michaelmas Term; Part IB, LLM & MCL - Michaelmas & Easter Terms)

Mr H Mares (Parts IA & II - Lent & Easter Terms; Part IB, LLM & MCL - Lent Term)

Trinity College

Professor C Barnard (Part II)

Ms J Miles (Part IB)

Dr L Merrett (Part IA)

Dr B Spagnolo (LLM)

Trinity Hall

Dr L Bartels (LLM & MCL)

Ms R Clement (Part IB)

Dr D Erdos (Part II)

Dr S Watterson (Part IA)

Wolfson College

Dr J Davis (LLM & MCL)

Dr A Douglas (Parts IA, IB & II)