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The Faculty is committed to producing ambitious cutting-edge work in a wide range of fields and disciplines. Through the scholarly vitality, analytical rigour and creativity of our research, we seek to contribute to debates on issues of national and international importance and to shape academic discourse. Our research extends across a broad range of relevant sub-disciplines and embraces a diversity—including doctrinal, theoretical, historical, comparative, empirical, socio-legal and social-science—of research traditions.

The Faculty enhances the intellectual life of its staff and research students. Our strong research culture facilitates both projects undertaken by individuals and, through our Research Centres, collaborative and interdisciplinary work.

Research seminarWe prize academic independence and are committed to supporting individuals in the pursuit of their own research agenda. The overriding ethos is an enabling one which seeks to maximise the opportunities for individuals to produce outstanding work, whether independently, in collaboration with other researchers within the Faculty, or through participation in wider networks within or beyond Cambridge.