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About the CUGLS

The Graduate Law Society of the University of Cambridge, colloquially referred to as the 'CUGLS', is a student-run society catering to the needs and interests of those studying Law or Criminology at the postgraduate level. The CUGLS distinguishes itself by not charging any fee for membership, and therefore its membership base is comprised of all the postgraduate students in the aforementioned disciplines.

The CUGLS aims to give due consideration for the community life of the graduate students by hosting several social events or 'socials' throughout the year for its members and their guests. These provide students with the much needed opportunity to unwind and de-stress from the demands of a hectic work-year, and spend some enjoyable evenings mingling with their peers, at events ranging from fancy black-tie dinners hosted at the grand dining Halls of the various colleges of the University, to more informal drinks event.

Additionally, the CUGLS is responsible for organising the Cambridge Arbitration Day, a popular two-day event attended by well-known practitioners and academics specializing in the fields of commercial and investment arbitration, and including several paper presentations and panel discussions on pressing arbitration questions in the International community.

Further, in the past, the CUGLS has organized trips to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, and the House of Commons, with the aim of giving students a chance to observe the day-to-day functioning of affairs in the highest echelons of the legal field.

2018-19 Committee

  • President: Ioannis Petras
  • Vice-President: Cecilia Serrano
  • Secretary: Filip Susulic
  • Treasurer: Priyanka Gladson
  • Sponsorship Officer: Justine Yansenne
  • LLM Liaison Officer: Mariana Gomez-Vallin
  • MCL Liaison Officer: Femi Gbede
  • PHD Liaison Officer: Alex Allen-Franks
  • Criminology Liaison Officer: Corey Amos
  • Arbitration Day Convenor: Mel Schwing

News and events


The Cambridge University Graduate Law Society (CUGLS) represents the interests of its members both in terms of their academic engagements as well as their non-academic calendars, and thus organizes a variety of social events for the members and their guests throughout the three academic terms. These include the Christmas Dinner, the Midway Dinner, as well as the End of year May Ball.

Social events of the like of formal dining and drinking occasions are a staple of the Cambridge life and experience, providing a break from the stresses and concerns of an otherwise heavy workload, and an opportunity for the students to spend relaxing evenings having good food and wine, and even better conversation. The CUGLS socials in this tradition are mixed, fun events, cutting through the everyday barriers to communication amongst the law graduates taking different classes and working towards different degrees, and encouraging intermingling and interaction between students working in distinct legal fields.

Annual welcome drinks

The CUGLS organises the annual welcome drinks in the first week of October, for the incoming law postgraduate’s students of LLM, MCL, Criminology and PhD course where they have an opportunity to meet current law postgraduates. It is the first informal event where you get to know, your fellow batch mates and have an ice-breaking session. For newcomers it is also an occasion of meeting up with those who have previously done the course and to have their questions answered.

Christmas dinner

Hosted at the end of the Michaelmas Term, right before the start of the term holidays, the Christmas Dinner marks the end of a jam-packed first term, as well as the beginning of the upcoming festivities for Christmas and the New Year. The CUGLS members gather together to celebrate the festive season over a three course meal and a selection of wines at a beautiful Cambridge college, followed by a more informal, fun night of music and dancing.

Midway dinner

Hosted near the end of the Lent Term, before the Easter Holidays, the Midway Dinner signals the fast-approaching Exams Week, but is divorced enough from it for the thought to not be a significant impediment to the merriment. The Midway Dinner celebrates the milestone of the CUGLS members having survived a better part of the academic year in good health and spirits, as the graduates gather together to celebrate their journey thus far over a three course meal and a selection of wines at a beautiful Cambridge college.

May ball

Hosted in the month of June, in the grand Cambridge tradition of May Balls, this CUGLS event marks the close of the academic year. The CUGLS May Ball is a celebration of the end of a hectic Exams Week and recognizes the hard work put in by the members throughout the year. As the members of the CUGLS move on to unchartered territories and a step closer to their future goals and aspirations, the May Ball forms their one last hurrah and a chance to say goodbye to the friends made during the course of a wonderful year at Cambridge.

The day to day activities of the CUGLS are managed through the Society Facebook page.

Cambridge Arbitration Day

The Society runs an annual conference on arbitration.

For more information see the Cambridge Arbitration Day website.