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M. Aboy's picture
M. Aboy Principal Research Scholar (PRA) in Biomedical Innovation, Precision Medicine, AI & Law, LML
Nicola Anderson's picture
Nicola Anderson Research Associate at the Centre for Law, Medicine & Life Sciences
Mr Fa Chen's picture
Mr Fa Chen
F. Costello's picture
F. Costello Research Associate
Dr Eleanore Hickman's picture
Dr Eleanore Hickman Research Associate and Modern Law Review Early Career Research Fellow
Ms Isabelle Le Gallez's picture
Ms Isabelle Le Gallez THIS Interdisciplinary Fellow and Legal Research Associate
Ms Karen Lee's picture
Ms Karen Lee Fellow and Vice-Mistress (Girton College); Fellow and Director of Publications (Lauterpacht Centre for International Law), Co-Editor of International Law Reports
Dr John Liddicoat's picture
Dr John Liddicoat Senior Research Associate; Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Maayan Menashe's picture
Dr Maayan Menashe British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow