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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Simester and Sullivan's Criminal Law: Theory and Doctrine 6th editionHart Publishing, Oxford, has published the sixth edition of Simester and Sullivan's Criminal Law: Theory and Doctrine by Professor Andrew Simester, Professor John Spencer, Dr Findlay Stark, Professor Robert Sullivan and Professor Graham Virgo.

This is the new edition of the leading textbook on criminal law by Simester and Sullivan, now co-written with Spencer, Stark, and Virgo. Simester and Sullivan's Criminal Law is an outstanding account of modern English criminal law, combining detailed exposition and analysis of the law with a careful exploration of its theoretical underpinnings. Primarily, it is written for undergraduate students of criminal law and it has become the set text in many leading universities. Additionally, the book is used as an important point of reference in academic writing and postgraduate research in England and abroad. Simester and Sullivan's Criminal Law has been cited by appellate courts throughout the world.

The sixth edition is comprehensively updated throughout to set out and analyse all key development in the field with the work's trademark clarity and critical rigour.

For more information about this book, please refer to the Hart website. For information about the authors, see their Faculty profiles.