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EDI PostersIn May 2022 the Faculty’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Committee launched its Diversifying the Law: Postgraduates in Profile exhibition. A poster exhibition funded by the University’s Diversity Fund, the aim of the project is to highlight and to encourage reflection on diversity and its relationship to the law—not only as academic subject matter or initiatives but also as the faces and experiences of members of the Faculty, particularly those members who belong to communities historically underrepresented in the legal discipline.

The exhibition currently showcases the work of four PhD students, Chantalle Byron, Jinal Dadiya, Aradhya Sethia, and Kavana Ramaswamy as well as LLM student Omnia Gadalla. Their topics of research and advocacy work cover diverse subjects such as indigenous sovereignty, the rights of women in Egypt in the legal profession, global comparative perspectives outside of western jurisdictions, the interdisciplinary intersections of disability studies and the law, and consideration of fertility care as part of right to health. Equality, diversity, and inclusivity is defined broadly in this showcase to acknowledge that EDI encompasses a multitude of topics and intersects with the law in many different ways.

The exhibition will run for the remainder of Easter term and into the summer vacation period. A gallery of photographs from the launch event including the actual posters is available below:


Diversifying the Law: Postgraduates in Profile