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The Cambridge Pro Bono Project is administered by an Executive Committee.

The 2016-2017 Executive Committee members are:

  • Professor David Feldman: Faculty Chair
  • Dr Stephanie Palmer: Faculty advisor
  • Dr Paul Daly: Faculty advisor
  • John Adenitire: Student Chair
  • Natalie Jones: Colloquium Convenor
  • Paul Erdunast: Colloquium Convenor and Secretary
  • Harum Mukhayer: Project Coordinator
  • Lea Christopher: Project Coordinator
  • Varsha Aithala: Project Coordinator
  • Stevie Martin: Project Coordinator
  • Jessica Thrower: Project Coordinator and Treasurer
  • Bruno Lima Monteiro: Project Coordinator
  • Menaal Munshey: Project Coordinator

A call for nominations for the Executive Committee is circulated over the summer period. A call for LLM Executive Committee positions is circulated in the first week of Michaelmas term.