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Fellow and Dias College Assistant Professor in Law, Magdalene College; Affiliated Lecturer

DipABRSM, BCL (Oxon), MA (Cantab), Barrister (Gray's Inn)

CV / Biography

Senior Teaching Associate at the Department of Land Economy

Associate Member at Landmark Chambers 

Co-Editor of Judicial Review.

An Assistant Editor of (i.e. contributor to) the Encyclopedia of Planning Law and Practice, responsible for sections on the National Planning Policy Framework and Neighbourhood Planning.




A Practical Guide to Permitted Changes of Use (ed), 2022) 4th Edition

Martin Goodall & David Evans
ISBN 13:
Published May 2022

Interpreting the NPPF: The New National Planning Policy Framework, 2018)


"Judicial Review Challenges to Secondary Legislation in England and Wales: Courting Controversy" (2024) 45(1) Statute Law Review

(2024) 45(1) Statute Law Review
Published: Feb 2024

"Committees Giving Reasons: Attribution and Sufficiency" [2025] Public Law (forthcoming)

[2025] Public Law (forthcoming)
Published: Forthcoming

"The interpretation of policies in administrative law: the significance of audience" Legal Studies (FirstView)

"Meeting Lofty Aspirations? English National Planning Policy, International Law, and Climate Change" (2023) 13(3-4) Climate Law 163

(2023) 13(3-4) Climate Law 163
Published: Aug 2023

"The Scottish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and an Independence Referendum? " (2023) 28(1) JR 43

Matthew Psycharis
(2023) 28(1) JR 43
Published: Feb 2023

"The Interpretation of Planning Policy: The Role of the Court" [2022] JEL 419

"Themes in Recent Cases on Permitted Development Rights in Planning" (2019) 24(4) JR 296

(2019) 24(4) JR 296
Published: Dec 2019

"The Environmental Civil Sanctions Regime" (2019) 24(1) JR 1

(2019) 24(1) JR 1
Published: Mar 2019

"Editorial: Brexit: What does the Outcome Mean for UK Public Law?" [2016] JR 141

David Lock QC, David Blundell
[2016] JR 141
Published: Sep 2016

"Protective Costs Orders and Costs Capping Orders: The New Law" [2016] JR 154

David Lock QC
[2016] JR 154
Published: Sep 2016

"An Update on Consultation" (2015) 20(3) JR 160

(2015) 20(3) JR 160
Published: Sep 2015

"Costs, Permission and Interested Parties" (2014) 19(3) JR 173-179

(2014) 19(3) JR 173-179
Published: Sep 2014

"The 'Makes No Difference' Controversy" (2013) JR 18(1) 124-133

(2013) JR 18(1) 124-133
Published: Mar 2013

"The uncertain future of Walford v Miles" [2011] LMCLQ 528

Rebecca Loveridge
[2011] LMCLQ 528
Published: Nov 2011

Book Chapters

"Public Health" in David Lock QC and Hannah Gibbs (ed(s)), NHS Law and Practice (Legal Action Group, 2018), pp. 161-195

Published May 2018

"Rights of Light and Planning Law" (with Stephen Bickford-Smith, Andrew Francis and Tom Weekes), Rights of Light: The Modern Law (Jordan Publishing, 2014)

Stephen Bickford-Smith, Andrew Francis and Tom Weekes
Published Dec 2014

"Statutory Appeals (with Katherine Olley)", Garner's Environmental Law, 2014)

Published Sep 2014

"Procedure: the Early Stages (with Richard Drabble QC, Tim Buley and Toby Fisher)" (with Helen Fenwick, Sir Michael Supperstone, James Goudie QC, and the Honourable Mr Justice Walker), Supperstone, Goudie and Walker: Judicial Review, 2014)

Helen Fenwick, Sir Michael Supperstone, James Goudie QC, and the Honourable Mr Justice Walker
Published Sep 2014

"Contaminated Land (with Jacqueline Lean)", Garner's Environmental Law, 2013)

Published Nov 2013

Book Reviews

Review of 'Executive Decision-making and the Courts: Revisiting the Origins of Modern Judicial Review', T.T. Arvind, Richard Kirkham, Daithi Mac Sithigh and Lindsay Stirton (eds) [2022] CLJ 433

Published Sep 2022

Review of 'The Anatomy of Administrative Law' by Joanna Bell [2021] CLJ 399

Published Jul 2021

Matthew Groves and Greg Weeks (eds): Legitimate Expectations in the Common Law World (2018) 134 LQR 334

Published Mar 2018

Sarah Nason: Reconstructing Judicial Review [2017] JR 326

Published Sep 2017

Philip R Wood: The Fall of the Priests and the Rise of the Lawyers [2016] CLJ 644

Published Nov 2016

Richard Ekins: The Nature of Legislative Intent, OUP 2012 [2014] 18(1) Edin LR 170

Published Jan 2014

God, Justice, and Society: Aspects of Law and Legality in the Bible by Jonathan Burnside (2012) 16 Edin LR 470

Published Sep 2012

Case Notes

Undue reticence on undue influence? [2023] CLJ 21

Published: Apr 2023

Friends of the Earth: At the Intersection of Environmental and Administrative Law? (2021) 33(2) JEL 461

Published: Mar 2021

Judicial Pushback - National Airports Policy Grounded [2020] CLJ 208

Published: Mar 2020

Hamid Principles in the Upper Tribunal Solicitors Journal Affiliate Intelligence Vol 158 no 45 25-11-14

Awards by the Financial Services Ombudsman and subsequent litigation (2014) 30 JPN 162-167

Published: Sep 2014

Regina (Buckinghamshire County Council and others) v. Secretary of State for Transport Rev Euro Comp & Int Env Law, 23: 275–280

James Maurici QC
Published: Jul 2014

The Requirement of an Oral Hearing in Judicial Review Claims [2012] JR 326

Published: Dec 2012

Lawyers funding litigation: a costly business (2012) 28 PN 134

Published: May 2012

The fitness of the fitness to practise panel (2011) 27 PN 230

Published: Dec 2011

Taking a (taxi) stand on legitimate expectations (2011) 70 CLJ 287

Published: Jul 2011