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College Contact Details

Room: Park Terrace

Tel: 01223 334295

MA (Cantab), MA (Keele), DPhil (Oxon)
Herchel Smith University Senior Lecturer; Access Officer

CV / Biography

Dr Odudu is a Fellow of Emmanuel College and Deputy Director of the Centre for European Legal Studies.  He teaches Competition and EU law and serves on the editorial boards of the European Competition Journal, the Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies and Concurrences.  From September 2004 to September 2006 he was Lecturer in Competition Law at the School of Law, King's College London,  having  begun his career as a Fellow in Law at Downing College, Cambridge.  He holds a DPhil from Oxford, awarded for research on aspects of Article 101 TFEU, which was funded by the AHRB, supervised by Professor Paul Craig and examined by Professors Stephen Weatherill and Richard Whish. During his time as a doctoral student he was awarded a Scholarship by the Kennedy Memorial Trust and spent a year at the European Law Research Center at Harvard Law School. In the 2011-2012 academic year he was awarded a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship to conduct research into the application of competition law to NHS institutions in England. He read law as an undergraduate at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and received an MA in Criminology from Keele University (funded by the ESRC).




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Case Notes

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Conference Papers

"Hub-and-spoke arrangements in competition" (OECD Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy)

OECD Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy
Published: Dec 2019