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College Contact Details

Room: Girton College, B2

Tel: 01223 337022

Associate Professor; Director of Examinations and Chair of the Part IB Examiners

MA, PhD (Cantab); Barrister (Inner Temple)


Legal History, Tort Law, Contract Law, Roman Law, Comparative Law

CV / Biography

Stelios Tofaris is a Fellow in Law at Girton College, Cambridge, and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge. He read law (BA, PhD) at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. In 2018, he was awarded a University of Cambridge Pilkington Prize for Excellence in University Teaching. Since 2019, he is the Book Review Editor of the Cambridge Law Journal.




Hepple and Matthews' Tort Law: Cases and Materials (with David Howarth, Martin Matthews, Jonathan Morgan, Janet O'Sullivan) (Hart, 2015) 7th Edition

David Howarth, Martin Matthews, Jonathan Morgan, Janet O'Sullivan
ISBN 13:
Published Oct 2015


"Commercial Construction of Exemption Clauses" [2019] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 270

[2019] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 270
Published: May 2019

"The Negligence Liability of Local Authorities for Failure to Protect Children from Abuse: Where to Draw the Line?" (2018) 34 Professional Negligence 190

(2018) 34 Professional Negligence 190
Published: Dec 2018

"Negligence Liability for Omissions and the Police" [2016] 75 Cambridge Law Journal 128

Sandy Steel
[2016] 75 Cambridge Law Journal 128
Published: Mar 2016

"Trust Law Goes East: The Transplantation of Trust Law in India and Beyond" (2015) 36 Journal of Legal History 299

(2015) 36 Journal of Legal History 299
Published: Dec 2015

Book Chapters

"Incorporation and Exemption Clauses in Consumer Contracts: Parker v South Eastern Railway Company" in J Gardner and I Ramsay (ed(s)), Landmark Cases in Consumer Law (Hart, 2024), pp. 55-77

Published Jan 2024

"The Transplantation of Trusts Law in India" in YK Liew and M Harding (ed(s)), Asia-Pacific Trusts Law: Theory and Practice in Context (Hart , 2021), pp. 123-141

Published Mar 2021

"The Regulation of Unfair Terms in Indian Contract Law: Past, Present and Future" in M Chen-Wishart and S Vogenauer (ed(s)), Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia III: Contents of Contracts and Unfair Terms (Oxford University Press, 2020), pp. 111-134

Published Nov 2020

Case Notes

Limping Into the Future: Negligence Liability for Mental Injury to Secondary Victims [2022] 81 CLJ 452

Published: Nov 2022

Duty of Care in Negligence: A Return to Orthodoxy? [2018] 77 CLJ 454

Published: Nov 2018

Vicarious Liability and Non-Delegable Duty for Child Abuse in Foster Care: A Step Too Far? (2016) 79 Modern Law Review 884-900

Published: Sep 2016

Rylands v Fletcher Restricted Further [2013] 72 CLJ 11

Published: Apr 2013

Negligence liability of public bodies: Locating the interface between public and private law [2011] 70 CLJ 294

Published: Jul 2011

Who pays for the sub-contractor's negligence? Vicarious liability and liability for "extra-hazardous" activities re-examined [2010] 69 CLJ 13

Published: Mar 2010

Damages for sewage smells in nuisance and under the Human Rights Act 1998 [2009] 68 CLJ 273

Published: Mar 2010

Ironing out the law of limitation for tort actions [2008] 67 CLJ 463

Published: Mar 2010