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Research Associate

BEng(Hons) MA MSc MPhil(Cantab) PhD


Interests: Artificial intelligence in the legal domain, machine learning for legal analysis, legal philosophy and its operationalization in the digital domain.

Publications: (digitisation of law/legal philosophy related)

Izzidien, A. (In review). Using the Interest Theory of Rights and Hohfeldian Taxonomy to Address a Gap in Machine Learning Methodologies. Nature Humanities and Social Sciences Communications.
Izzidien, A., Sargeant, H., & Steffek, F. (2022). What goes on in court? Identifying contract-related topics decided by United Kingdom courts from 1709 to 2021 using machine learning. Cambridge Open Engage. https://doi:10.33774/coe-2022-p7rjg-v2 
Izzidien, A., Fitz, S., Romero, P. et al. (2022) Developing a sentence level fairness metric using word embeddings. Int J Digit Humanities.
Izzidien, A. (2022). Word vector embeddings hold social ontological relations capable of reflecting meaningful fairness assessments. AI & SOCIETY, 37(1), 299–318.
Izzidien, A. (2021, November 15). The Limits of Annotation in Machine Learning a Documents Hohfeldian Legal Entities [Poster session]. Cambridge Language Sciences Symposium, Cambridge, UK.
Izzidien, A., & Stillwell, D. (2021). The Golden Rule as a Heuristic to Measure the Fairness of Texts Using Machine Learning. ArXiv:2111.00107 [Cs].
Izzidien, A., & Chennu, S. (2018). A Neuroscience Study on the Implicit Subconscious Perceptions of Fairness and Islamic Law in Muslims Using the EEG N400 Event Related Potential. Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics, 2(5)


Nature: Humanities and Social Sciences Communications.

Academic Education: 

The University of Cambridge (MPhil), King's College London (BEng), University of Manchester Institute of Technology (MSc), Cardiff University (PhD).

Posts: (prior)

The University of Cambridge, The Psychometrics Centre, Research Associate. 
The University of Cambridge, Social Decision-Making Lab, Senior Research Affiliate. 
The University of Cambridge, Cambridge Forum for Legal & Political Philosophy, Faculty of Law, Visiting Researcher. 
Harvard University, Social Cognition Lab. Visiting Post-doctoral Research Assistant.
The University of South Wales, Post-doctoral Research Assistant.


Script writing (comedy, science fiction)  Confusions of a Gentleman: Seeking witty exits. Amazon, 2021.