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Professor Mark Elliott's picture

Professor Mark Elliott

Chair of the Faculty Board

Prof Albertina Albors-Llorens' picture

Professor Albertina Albors-Llorens

Deputy Chair of the Faculty Board

Dr Andrew Sanger's picture

Dr Andrew Sanger

Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Law

Laura Smethursts's picture

Ms Laura Smethurst

Secretary of the Faculty Board

Dr Sandesh Sivakumaran's picture

Dr Sandesh Sivakumaran

Chair of the Degree Committee

Dr Dominic de Cogan picture

Dr Dominic de Cogan 

Deputy Director of the Graduate Programme

Dr Kirsty Hughes' picture

Dr Kirsty Hughes

Examinations Secretary

Dr Pippa Rogerson' picture

Dr Pippa Rogerson

Chair of Part II Examiners, Chair of the Chairs of Examiners

Professor Louise Gullifer' picture

Professor Louise Gullifer

Chair of LLM Examiners

Dr Stephen Watterson's picture

Dr Stephen Watterson

Director of the Tripos

Dr Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan' picture

Dr Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan

Director of the LLM

Professor Cheffins' picture

Professor Brian Cheffins

Director of the MCL

Professor Jens M. Scherpe' picture

Professor Jens M. Scherpe

Director of International Strategy and Partnerships

Dr Christina Angelopoulos' picture

Dr Christina Angelopoulos

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Jodi Gardner's picture

Dr Jodi Gardner

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Bobby Reddy's picture

Dr Bobby Reddy

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Lars Vinx's picture

Dr Lars Vinx

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Okeoghene Odudu's picture

Dr Okeoghene Odudu

Access Officer

Dr Rumiana Yotova's picture

Dr Rumiana Yotova

Access Officer