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Professor Mark Elliott's picture

Professor Mark Elliott

Chair of the Faculty Board

Dr Jonathan Morgan's picture

Professor Jonathan Morgan

Deputy Chair of the Faculty Board

Dr Dominic de Cogan's picture

Professor Dominic de Cogan

Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Law

Sam Wyatt's picture

Ms Sam Wyatt

Faculty Administrator and Secretary of the Faculty Board (maternity cover)

Dr Findlay Stark's picture

Professor Findlay Stark

Chair of the Degree Committee

Brian Sloan picture

Dr Brian Sloan

Secretary of the Degree Committee

Dr Jeffrey M Skopek's picture

Dr Jeffrey M Skopek

Examinations Secretary

Dr Stelios Tofaris' picture

Dr Stelios Tofaris

Director of Examinations and Chair of the Part IB Examiners

Professor Helen Scott's picture

Professor Helen Scott

Chair of Part II Examiners

Dr Christina Angelopoulos's picture

Dr Christina Angelopoulos

Director of the Tripos

Dr Richard Williams' picture

Dr Richard Williams

Director of the LLM

Brian Cheffins picture

Professor Brian Cheffins

Director of the MCL

Surabhi Ranganathan picture

Professor Surabhi Ranganathan

Director of Postgraduate Education

Dr Felix Steffek's picture

Professor Felix Steffek

Director of International Strategy and Partnerships

Peter Candy picture

Dr Peter Candy

Access Officer

Dr Matilda Gillis' picture

Dr Matilda Gillis

Access Officer

Dr Okeoghene Odudu's picture

Dr Okeoghene Odudu

Director of the EDI Committee

Professor Alison Young's picture

Professor Alison Young

Acting Director of Research

Neil Jones picture

Professor Neil Jones

Chair of Part IA Examiners

Graham Virgo picture

Professor Graham Virgo

Chair of the LLM Examiners

Dr B Reddy's picture

Professor Bobby Reddy

Chair of the MCL Examiners