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Room: Chapman's Gardens, Room 8

Tel: 31974

M.A., Ph.D.

CV / Biography


Rosy Thornton has been a University Lecturer in the Faculty of Law since 1990, having previously had one year teaching in the Department of Land Economy. She was a Fellow of New Hall (now Murray Edwards College) from 1988-2004, and is now a Fellow of Emmanuel College, where she was appointed in 2007. Rosy is a former winner of the Pilkington Prize for Teaching Excellence.





Property Disrepair and Dilapidations: A Guide to the Law (Fourmat, 1992)

ISBN 13:
Published Oct 1992

The New Homeless: The Crisis of Youth Homelessness and the Response of the Local Housing Authorities (SHAC, 1990)

Published Oct 1990


"Social Landlord and Tenant Law in England and Wales (Soziales Mietrecht in England und Wales)" (2009) Wohnrechtsliche Blatter 22 (10), pp. 297-316

(2009) Wohnrechtsliche Blatter 22 (10), pp. 297-316
Published: Nov 2009

"Ethical Investments: A Case of Disjointed Thinking" [2008] CLJ 396-422

[2008] CLJ 396-422
Published: Jul 2008

"European Court of Human Rights: Consent to IVF" [2008] I-CON 317-330

[2008] I-CON 317-330
Published: Apr 2008

"Who Houses? Homelessness, Local Connection and Inter-Agency Referrals under section 67 of the Housing Act 1985" [1994] JSWFL 19-45

[1994] JSWFL 19-45
Published: Jan 1994

"Enforceability of Leasehold Covenants: More Questions Than Answers" [1991] Legal Studies 47-70

[1991] Legal Studies 47-70
Published: Jan 1991

"Homelessness through Relationship Breakdown: The Local Authorities' Response" [1989] JSWL 67-84

[1989] JSWL 67-84
Published: Mar 1989

Book Chapters

"Scapegoating and the Legal Landscape: Homeless Women and the Law" (with Hilary Lim and Anne Bottomley), Feminist Perspectives on Land Law (Routledge-Cavendish, 2007), pp. 97-119

ISBN 13:
Hilary Lim and Anne Bottomley
Published Mar 2007

Case Notes

An End to Limbo: The Death Knell of the Tolerated Trespasser [2009] CLJ 515-518

Published: Nov 2009

Dishonest Assistance: Guilty Conduct or a Guilty Mind? [2002] CLJ 524-526

Published: Nov 2002

Shams, Pretences, Subterfuges and Devices [2001] CLJ 474-477

Published: Nov 2001

Puhlhofer Revisited: Homelessness and Temporary Accommodation [1996] CLJ 18-21

Published: Mar 1996

Children and Children's Children: Whose Welfare is Paramount? [1994] CLJ 41-43

Published: Mar 1994

When is an Applicant Not an Applicant? (1994) 110 LQR 18-21

Published: Jan 1994

Illegality, Implied Trusts and the Presumption of Advancement [1993] CLJ 394-396

Published: Jul 1993

Minors and Medical Treatment - Who Decides? [1993] CLJ 34-37

Published: Mar 1993

Clean Hands and the Beneficial Ownership of Land [1992] CLJ 422-424

Published: Jul 1992

Multiple Keyholders: Wardship and Consent to Medical Treatment [1992] CLJ 34-37

Published: Mar 1992

Wardship: Withholding Medical Treatment [1991] CLJ 238-240

Published: Mar 1991