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Education CV

2019-2020 Master of Laws (LL.M.), Harvard Law School

2018-2019 Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L.), University of Oxford

2015-2018 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Law (Jurisprudence), University of Oxford

Fields of research

jurisprudence, legal history, public law

Research centres and interest groups


Towards a Jurisprudence of Evil Law


Law, with its ability to change one’s moral obligations and authorize coercion, has the capacity not only for eradicating, but also for producing evil. This, to use Leslie Green's words, ‘immorality that law makes possible’ – as well as the ways in which it can be resisted – has remained among the most intriguing subjects of study in jurisprudence. In my project, I ask: what is the relationship between this ‘immorality’ – or evil – and law? My dissertation will cover the following questions:

  • What is evil, evil law, and evil legal system?
  • Is evil 'law' law in the first place?
  • Does law hinder or help evil regimes?
  • What duties do we have in relation to evil law?
  • Can evil law be resisted from the ‘inside’, or only from the ‘outside’?
  • Does transitional justice necessitate a ‘clean break’ with evil law after the evil regime falls?

I am looking at these issues from a legal-historical as well as legal-theoretical perspective, focusing on law of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union under Stalin, and slavery in the antebellum United States.

My project is funded by the Institute for Humane Studies, Modern Law Review, and Cambridge Law Journal.


Dr. Lars Vinx

Start Date

Oct 2021




"Between Exception and Normality: Schmittian Dictatorship and the Soviet Legal Order" [2022] Ratio Juris 139

[2022] Ratio Juris 139
Published: Sep 2023

"Legal Nurturing: the Educational Function of Law in the Soviet Union " [2021] Ideology and Politics Journal 57

[2021] Ideology and Politics Journal 57
Published: Dec 2021

"Opening the Pandora’s Box: Kelsen and the Communist theory of law" [2020] Jurisprudence 530

[2020] Jurisprudence 530
Published: Jul 2020

"Soviet Union and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" [2017] Max Planck Institute for European Legal History Research Paper Series

[2017] Max Planck Institute for European Legal History Research Paper Series
Published: Apr 2017

"The Semenchuk Case of 1936: Storytelling and Propaganda above the Law in the Soviet Criminal Trial" [2016] Review of Central and East European Law 63

[2016] Review of Central and East European Law 63
Published: Sep 2016

Book Chapters

"Law among Chaos: an anti-Schmittian Reading of Skyrim" (with Shane Finn) in Dale Mitchell, Ashley Pearson, Timothy D. Peters (ed(s)), Cultural Legalities of Video Games and Virtual Realities (Routledge, 2023), pp. 236-250

"The Paradox of Evil Law" in Mark Tushnet and Dimitry Kochenov (ed(s)), Research Handbook on the Politics of Constitutional Law (Edward Elgar), forthcoming

Published Forthcoming

"Russia and International Human Rights Law: A View from the Past" in P. Sean Morris (ed(s)), Russian Discourses on International Law: Sociological and Philosophical Phenomenon (Routledge, 2018), pp. 46-66

Book Reviews

Lauri Mälksoo, Illegal Annexation and State Continuity: the Case of the incorporation of the Baltic States by the USSR [2023] Journal of Baltic Studies 416

Published Mar 2023

David M. Crowe (ed), Stalin’s Soviet Justice: ‘Show’ Trials, War Crimes Trials, and Nuremberg [2021] Review of Central and East European Law 297

Published May 2021

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