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Education CV

LLB (Hons), Open University

MSc, Anglia Ruskin University

Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies, University of Cambridge

Fields of research

Tax Law. The tax law relating to employment. The taxation of employee reward.

Research centres and interest groups


The Concept of 'Employment' in Tax Law


Dr Dominic de Cogan and Professor Peter Harris

Representative Publications

(2018) "Just A Thought ..." Taxation, volume 182, issue 4664, p21

(2017) "The Shifting Sands of Tax Law" The Cambridge Law Journal, volume 76, issue 3, pp502-506

(2019) "Examining The Intelligibility And Operability of The Tax Law Concept 'Income From Employment'", Diploma dissertation

(2020) "The Concept Of 'Employment' In Employment Tax Law", Tax Research Network Annual Conference

Start Date

Jan 2020




"Just A Thought" (2018) 182(4664) Taxation 21

(2018) 182(4664) Taxation 21
Published: Sep 2018

Case Notes

The Shifting Sands Of Tax Law [2017] 76 CLJ 502] 76 CLJ 502

Published: Nov 2017

Conference Papers

"The Concept Of 'Employment' In Employment Tax Law" (Tax Research Network Annual Conference)

Tax Research Network Annual Conference
Published: Sep 2020


Examining The Intelligibility And Operabiity Of The Tax Law Concept 'Income From Employment'

Body / Institution:
University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law
Published: Sep 2019