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Ira is a PhD Candidate and Cambridge International Scholar at the University of Cambridge. Her research interests lie at the intersections of the legal, political, and moral philosophy. She works on issues in jurisprudence, as well as on the theoretical foundations of doctrinal areas of law such as family law and medical law. Her doctoral research is on the 'ethics of care' - a school of thought in moral philosophy, and Ira explores the relevence of this perspective for debates in contemporary jurisprudence. 

Ira's PhD thesis develops a care ethical theory of political obligation. She has presented her research at the Faculty of Philosophy's Political Philosophy Workshop, the Cambridge Legal Theory Discussion Group ,the LSE Political Theory Graduate Conference, and two editions of the Young Scholar's Workshop at Humboldt University in Berlin. During the PhD, Ira has acted as Co-Chair of the Philosophy, Law and Politics Graduate Forum – a Forum that seeks to build a network for scholars working in legal and political philosophy across England. Ira has also chaired sessions at the Cambridge Forum of Legal and Political Philosophy and is a PhD Fellow at the Cambridge Family Law Centre. 

Ira is a Supervisor in jurisprudence and family law for Law Tripos students at several colleges in Cambridge. Before her PhD, she taught as a Lecturer in law at O.P. Jindal Global University in India where she lectured in jurisprudence, family law and the interpretation of statutes. 

In 2019, Ira completed the LLM at Cambridge with a Class Rank of 2 in the cohort and a First Class Honours. She was also awarded the Cambridge Law Faculty’s George Long Prize for Jurisprudence. Before this, Ira finished a B.A.LLB at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences in Kolkata, India, where she graduated with three Gold Medals and was Editor of the NUJS Law Review.

Ira has published on several areas at the interseciton of legal and political theory. She has most recently published a paper on the role of vagueness in the law which you can find here


Scholarships and Prizes

  • Cambridge International and King's College Scholarship (2020, Cambridge Trust)
  • Cambridge Society of Bombay Scholarship (2020 & 2018, CSBSF)
  • Honorary Cambridge Nehru Scholar (2020, Nehru Trust for Cambridge University)
  • George Long Prize for Jurisprudence (2019, Faculty of Law)
  • Kate Bertram Prize (2019, Lucy Cavendish College)
  • Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer Memorial Gold Medal for Legal History I and II (2018, WBNUJS)
  • Justice Bhabesh Chandra Chakrabarti Memorial Gold Medal for Trademark Law (2018, WBNUJS)
  • University Award for Best Debater (2018, WBNUJS)
  • European Society of International Law Mooting Prize for Winning the ELSA Moot Court Competition (2015, WTO)
  • Best Orator at the Grand Finals Award, ELSA Moot Court Competition (2015, WTO)

Professional Experience

Lecturer, OP Jindal Global University, Delhi (NCR) India (2019- Taught courses in Jurisprudence, Family Law and the Interpretation of Statutes.

Fields of research

Legal Philosophy, Political and Moral Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Law and Language 


A Care Ethical Theory of Political Obligation


Dr. Lars Vinx

Start Date

Oct 2020

End date

Oct 2023




"Care as a Thick Ethical Concept "

Published: Jan 2023

"The Value of Vagueness: A Feminist Analysis"

"Feminist Reflections on Labour: The Ethics of Care within Maternity Laws in India"

"Of Men's Rights, Motherhood and Minors: Critical Feminist Reflections on Shared Parenting Laws in India"

"Granting Animal Rights under the Indian Constitution: A Misplaced Approach? An Analysis in light of Union of India v. A Nagraja"

Jessamine Matthew
Published: Nov 2014

Book Reviews

Mutinies for Equality: Contemporary Developments in Law and Gender in India VRU Volume 54 (Issue 4) 2021