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Fields of research

Jeanne-Rose Arn is a Gates Scholar and Ph.D. Candidate in Law and Philosophy. Her research focuses on the legal and moral responsibility of self-deceivers. Self-deception is a critical topic in today’s world and yet remains unexplored in law. Are people who unconsciously acquire false beliefs despite possessing the correct evidence responsible for these false beliefs and the harmful actions they take based on them, and if so, how? Using philosophy of mind, moral psychology, and the law, Jeanne proposed a new model of self-deception and is building a framework to account for the responsibility of self-deceivers. Throughout her studies and legal work, Jeanne has engaged on societal issues surrounding the impact of false beliefs: she has co-authored a handbook on the rights of immigrant women in Switzerland to combat misinformation on the subject in collaboration with the University of Geneva and has defended religious minorities against hate speech in the Swiss courts. Jeanne studied both Law and Philosophy at the University of Geneva and Harvard Law School. She has held research and teaching positions in legal philosophy and in tort law at the University of Geneva and at the University of Fribourg (2018-2020). She is currently an Academic Fellow of the University of Geneva Centre for Philanthropy (2018-present), where she focuses on corporate social responsibility. She is also a licensed lawyer in Switzerland since 2017.

Jeanne is supervised by Prof. Antje du Bois-Pedain at the Faculty of Law and Prof. Richard Holton at the Faculty of Philosophy.