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Education CV

Mohamed Moussa is a judge at the Pre-Trial Chambers of the Egyptian Court of Cassation and an advisor at the Egyptian Legislation Reform Commission. Prior to this, he served as a counter-terrorism prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General.

Before joining Cambridge’s PhD in Law program, he earned an LLM from Harvard Law School as a Fulbright Scholar. During his study at Harvard, he worked as a Research Assistant to Professor Matthew Stephenson and received honors as well as the Harvard Academic Writing Fellowship for his thesis. Mohamed previously researched for Professor M. Cheriff Bassiouny “Godfather of International Criminal Law” from DePaul College of Law.  He was also a clinical student clerk to the Chief Judge of the US Federal District Court of Massachusetts.


Fields of research

His research interest lies in EU and the US comparative constitutional law with a focus on diversity in federalism and multilevel constitutional orders. His research also draws on Islamic and Middle-Eastern Constitutional well as on behavioral legal analysis of terrorism.

Awards and Scholarships:

  •   Cambridge Trust IsDB Scholarship (2019-2022)
  •   Fulbright Student Scholarship (2014-2015)
  •   Harvard Academic Writing Fellowship (2015)
  •   The Hague Academy for International Law Summer Course Scholarship (Lutfia Rabbani Foundation) 
  •   Dr. Fatehy Waly’s Award for Best Student in Procedural Law (2005)
  •   The National Center for Social Sciences Award for Best Student in Criminology (2003)



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