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Education CV


  • LLM (Dist) UCL | 2018-2019
  • LLB (1:1 First class honours) National and Capodistrian University of Athens | 2012-2017


  • George and Marie Vergottis & Magdalene College Scholarship | 2019-2022
  • Lilian Voudouri Foundation Scholarship | 2018-2019

Professional Experience

  • Trainee, European Court of Justice | 02/03/2020-31/07/2020
  • Foreign Law Clerk to Khampepe J, Constitutional Court of South Africa | 02/01/2020-28/02/2020
  • Attorney at Law, Dellis and Partners | 10/2019-12/2019
  • Administrative Assistant, Icarus School Internal Investigations Office, Hellenic Airforce | 12/2017-08/2018

Fields of research

  • Public Law
  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • Comparative Human Rights Law
  • Citizenship Law


Deliberative Democracy and the Law: Democratic Legitimacy in Pluralist and Deeply Divided Democratic Societies


Andreas's research explores the possibilities and challenges that theories of deliberative democracy present for legal interpretation in pluralist and deeply divided democratic communities. In particular, it examines what promise these theories hold for explaining the legitimacy of decisions made through the distinctive institutions of modern liberal democracies, as well as for resolving impasses of their function in practice. The areas to which this research aspires to make a contribution through an overarching treatment include foreigner political rights, the validity conditions of direct democratic institutions and of claims to self-government, and the relative weight of individual and collective agency in federal and consociational forms of government.


Dr Lars Vinx

Start Date

Oct 2020




"Weighing overall fairness: A critique of balancing under the criminal limb of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights" [2021] 21(2) HRLR 409

[2021] 21(2) HRLR 409
Published: Feb 2021