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Education CV

LLB/BA(Hons) (Otago); LLM(Dist) (UPenn); MPhil(Dist) (Oxon); PhD Candidate (Cantab)


Tim began his PhD studies at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, in 2020, supported by the Stan Gold PhD Studentship.  His PhD research expands on his 2019-2020 MPhil Law research at Balliol College, University of Oxford, for which he was awarded a Distinction.  While at Cambridge, Tim has supervised Human Rights Law and International Law.  From December 2022 to March 2023, Tim also taught Information and Data Protection Law for the University of Otago in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Tim gained an LLM with Distinction from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2015, where he was a recipient of the Law School's LLM Human Rights Scholarship.  He graduated from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 2010 with an LLB and BA(Hons), majoring in philosophy, politics, and economics.  Tim has worked on various academic law journals, including as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the New Zealand Students' Law Journal in 2009.

Professional Experience

Tim is admitted to practice, and has worked as an attorney, in New York, England and Wales, and New Zealand (all currently non-practising).  Between 2015 and 2019, Tim worked as a Senior Associate in the Disputes teams of the New York and London offices of Baker McKenzie LLP, focusing on white collar crime and commercial litigation.  From 2010 to 2014, Tim trained and worked in the Commercial Litigation and Public Law team of the Wellington office of Kensington Swan (now Dentons).  He has worked on, and appeared as counsel in, matters before first instance and appellate courts and tribunals in New York, England, and New Zealand.  Tim also travelled to London in 2014 as a New Zealand Pegasus Scholar, hosted by the Inner Temple.

Fields of research

Tim has broad legal interests and expressly takes a comparative and international approach to his work.  Areas of interest include:

  • Public, Administrative, and Constitutional Law, including human rights
  • Commercial Litigation and Arbitration, particularly in multi-jurisdictional contexts
  • Information and Technology Law, including privacy and data protection, freedom of information, and issues raised by evolving technologies
  • Crime, National Security, and International Humanitarian Law, particularly white collar crime, cybercrime, and cross-border disputes
  • Public and Private International Law.

Tim's current Cambridge PhD research focuses on methods available to law enforcement to exchange data internationally and in particular the ways in which privacy and data protection rights can be protected during these data flows.  This builds on his Oxford MPhil research, titled 'Digital Privacy Rights and the CLOUD Act Regime', which evaluated the impact of a new bilateral US-UK data sharing treaty on rights protected by the US Fourth Amendment and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. 

In 2021, Tim completed research funded by the New Zealand Office of the Privacy Commissioner on the costs and benefits for New Zealand from seeking a CLOUD Act data sharing agreement with the US.  In 2022, he completed comparative and international research on the scope of data subject access rights during and after armed conflicts, published by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.



Dr David Erdos




"Excluding Evidence for Breaching Data Protection Law" [2024] NZLJ 62-67

[2024] NZLJ 62-67
Published: Mar 2024

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[2021] 3 NZ Law Review 401-434
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"A General Public Law Duty to Provide Reasons: Why New Zealand Should Follow the Irish Supreme Court" (2013) NZJPIL 517

Book Chapters

"Accession to the Budapest Convention by Aotearoa New Zealand: Data Preservation, Mutual Legal Assistance, and Digital Privacy" in James Mehigan and Christian Riffel (ed(s)), New Zealand Yearbook of International Law, Volume 19, 2021, 2023), pp. 32-66

ISBN 13:
Published Dec 2023

"Enforcement Jurisdiction and CLOUD Act Agreements: Clarity or Confusion?" in Micheál Ó Floinn, Lindsay Farmer, Julia Hörnle, and David Ormerod QC (ed(s)), Transformations in Criminal Jurisdiction: Extraterritoriality and Enforcement (Hart Publishing), forthcoming

Published Forthcoming

"Military Subject Access Rights: An International and Comparative Perspective" in Dr Asaf Lubin and Dr Russell Buchan (ed(s)), The Rights to Privacy and Data Protection in Armed Conflict (NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, 2022)

" Gulf of Maine (Canada/USA): Single Line Maritime Delimitation" in Kevin Gray (ed(s)), Global Encyclopedia of Territorial Rights, 2022), pp. 1-14

ISBN 13:
Published Apr 2022

Case Notes

The Presumption Against Extraterritoriality, Mutual Legal Assistance, and the Future of Law Enforcement Cross-Border Data Sharing (2022) MLR 526-538

Published: Aug 2021

Criminal international co-operation: R. (on the application of Terra Services Ltd) v National Crime Agency [2020] Crim LR 1062

Published: Sep 2020

Going for Gold – New Zealand High Court Considers “Fair Dealing” of Olympic Footage Online’ (2017) 28 Ent L Rev 102

Published: Mar 2017

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