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"Protecting Digital Privacy at the New Zealand Border" [2015] NZLJ 138

[2015] NZLJ 138
Published: May 2015

"A common law duty to disclose official information?" [2014] NZLJ 385

[2014] NZLJ 385
Published: Nov 2014

"A General Public Law Duty to Provide Reasons: Why New Zealand Should Follow the Irish Supreme Court" (2013) NZJPIL 517

Case Notes

Criminal international co-operation: R. (on the application of Terra Services Ltd) v National Crime Agency [2020] Crim LR 1062

Published: Sep 2020

Going for Gold – New Zealand High Court Considers “Fair Dealing” of Olympic Footage Online’ (2017) 28 Ent L Rev 102

Published: Mar 2017

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