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Affiliated Lecturer

PhD in Law (Cantab); LLM (Yale); MA in Philosophy (UCL); Master of Law (Fribourg); Bachelor of Law (Fribourg)

CV / Biography


Raffael Fasel is an Affiliated Lecturer at the Cambridge Law Faculty and a Research Fellow at the Schell Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School.

Raffael researches in constitutional law, human rights law, jurisprudence, comparative law, and animal rights law. In 2021, he was awarded a £440,000 research grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation for his research on constituent power, for which is also affiliated with the University of Zurich.

Previously, Raffael was a Teaching Bye-Fellow and Director of Studies in Law at Jesus College, Cambridge, a Fellow at LSE Law School, and a Visiting Scholar at NYU Law School where he was an Affiliate at the Center for Law & Philosophy. He completed his PhD in Law on the theory of human and animal rights at the University of Cambridge (Sidney Sussex College), with stints as a visiting researcher at Harvard Law School and the University of Oxford. His PhD was awarded a Yorke Prize by the Cambridge Law Faculty for a thesis of ‘exceptional quality’. He obtained an LLM from Yale Law School on a Fulbright scholarship, an MA in Philosophy from University College London, and holds a Bachelor of Law and a Master of Law degree from the University of Fribourg.

During his doctoral studies, Raffael co-founded the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law and currently serves as its Executive Director. Raffael is also an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.




Animals and the Constitution: Towards Sentience-Based Constitutionalism (with John Adenitire) (Oxford University Press (under contract), 2024)

John Adenitire
Oxford University Press (under contract)
Published Nov 2024

More Equal Than Others: Humans and the Rights of Other Animals (Oxford University Press (under contract), 2024)

Oxford University Press (under contract)
Published Apr 2024

Animal Rights Law (with Sean Butler) (Hart Publishing, 2023)

Sean Butler
Hart Publishing
Published Mar 2023


"How (Not) to Break Up: Constituent Power and Alternative Pathways to Scottish Independence" Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

Shona Wilson Stark
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
Published: Forthcoming

"Recalls, Referendums, and the Right to Free Elections: Is the ECHR Ready for Direct Democracy?" (2023) European Human Rights Law Review (forthcoming)

(2023) European Human Rights Law Review (forthcoming)
Published: Feb 2023

"Natural Rights, Constituent Power, and the Stain of Constitutionalism" (2023) under review

(2023) under review
Published: Feb 2023

"Constraining Constituent Conventions: Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès and the Limits of Pouvoir Constituant" (2022) International Journal of Constitutional Law, 1–27

(2022) International Journal of Constitutional Law, 1–27
Published: Oct 2022

"Less Incorrect Ways of Doing Jurisprudence" (2022) 67 American Journal of Jurisprudence 1, 83-117

(2022) 67 American Journal of Jurisprudence 1, 83-117
Published: Feb 2022

"The Swiss Primate Case: How Courts Have Paved the Way for the First Direct Democratic Vote " (2021) 11 Transnational Environmental Law 1, 201-214

"Shaving Ockham" (2021) 44 Revus, 1–12

(2021) 44 Revus, 1–12
Published: Jul 2021

"Quelle place pour le royaume animal au Royaume-Uni ? Les animaux comme sujets du droit britannique" (2020) 43 Société de législation comparée, 119–13

"The Dawn of European Animal Rights Law" (2020) 8 Global Journal of Animal Law 1, 1–7

Sean Butler
(2020) 8 Global Journal of Animal Law 1, 1–7
Published: Aug 2020

"Grundrechte jenseits der “anthropologischen Schranke”? Die Primateninitiative und das wegweisende Urteil des Verfassungsgerichts Basel-Stadt" (2020) Sui generis, 413–423

Charlotte E Blattner
(2020) Sui generis, 413–423
Published: May 2020

"The Old “New” Dignitarianism" (2019) 25 Res Publica 4, 1–22

(2019) 25 Res Publica 4, 1–22
Published: Sep 2019

"“Listen to Them and Give Them a King”: Self-Determination, Democracy, and the Proportionality Principle" (2018) 32 Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence 2, 257–280

"“Simply in Virtue of Being Human”? A Critical Appraisal of a Human Rights Commonplace" (2018) 9 Jurisprudence 3, 1–25

(2018) 9 Jurisprudence 3, 1–25
Published: Feb 2018

"Talking Animals, Law, Philosophy—and Beyond" (2017) 5 Global Journal of Animal Law 1, 3–11

(2017) 5 Global Journal of Animal Law 1, 3–11
Published: Nov 2017

"A Duty to Give Reasons in the Security Council: Making Voting Transparent’" (2017) 14 International Organizations Law Review 1, 13–86

Daniel Moeckli
(2017) 14 International Organizations Law Review 1, 13–86
Published: Jun 2017

"Ein Trumpf gegen Trumps: Die Exekutiven der Schweiz und der USA im Vergleich" (2016) Jusletter 1–21

Giordana Campagna
(2016) Jusletter 1–21
Published: Nov 2016

Book Chapters

"Direct Democracy and Animal Rights" in Anne Peters, Kristen Stilt, and Saskia Stucki (ed(s)), Oxford Handbook on Global Animal Law (Oxford University Press), forthcoming

Oxford University Press
Published Forthcoming

"Des freien Bildhauers Würde? Plädoyer für eine Abkehr von Autonomie-basierten Menschenwürdeansätzen" in Roberto Andorno and Markus Thier (ed(s)), Menschenwürde und Selbstbestimmung (Dike, 2015), pp. 27–53

Published Mar 2015

Book Reviews

The Wrongs of Animals. Review of Martha Nussbaum, Justice for Animals: Our Collective Responsibility (Simon & Schuster 2023) Times Literary Supplement (28 April 2023)

One Another’s Equals: The Basis of Human Equality by Jeremy Waldron’, Book Review (2018) 77 Cambridge Law Journal 1, 230–233

Comparative Matters: The Renaissance of Comparative Constitutional Law by Ran Hirschl, Book Review (2015) 40 Yale Journal of International Law 2, 435–438

Case Notes

Primaten als Grundrechtsträger: Überlegungen zum ersten bundesgerichtlichen Tierrechtsurteil (2021) 2 Recht 61–73

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