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Friday, 9 November 2007

Attendees of the Law CIO Conference 2007The Faculty was delighted to host the conference of Law Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from US and UK Law Schools on 8-10 November.

The conference is an annual meeting of this international interest group, and comprised two days of meetings before closing with a dinner at Peterhouse College. In partnership with Oxford University, a trip was also arranged to tour the Bodliean Library and Oxford Faculty.

Further details can be found on the Conference website.

Institutions represented at the Conference were:

  • University of Cambridge;
  • University of Oxford;
  • Northwestern University School of Law;
  • Harvard Law School;
  • New York University School of Law;
  • Boalt Hall, Berkely;
  • University of Texas School of Law;
  • University of Pennsylvania Law School;
  • Columbia Law School;
  • Georgetown University;
  • Yale Law School;
  • Stanford Law School;
  • University of Michigan Law School;
  • University of Chicago Law School;

The Faculty is grateful to Freshfields for their generous support of this event.