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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Cambridge Lawlink Issue 8 for Spring/Summer 2008The Faculty is pleased to announce the publication of the latest edition of Lawlink, the annual newsletter from the University of Cambridge's Faculty of Law.

For environmental reasons, we are circulating Lawlink in electronic format this year. As in previous years, this issue and all back issues are available for access in the Lawlink section of the website.

Highlights of this edition include:

  • An article about this year's McKenzie-Stuart Lecture, which was delivered by the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP, Lord Chancellor and Minister for Justice and which attracted widespread interest in the press because it represented such a major statement on the government's position on human rights;
  • Information about the launch of the Squire Law Library's Eminent Scholars archive, a resource which celebrates the achievements of some of the Faculty's recent legal luminaries through oral, written and photographic materials;
  • Details of a particularly productive and successful year for the Cambridge University Law Society.

The Faculty is home to a vibrant and energetic community of scholars, and Lawlink also provides an update on their extraordinary achievements over the past year.

The Faculty is always happy to receive contact and comments from its community - either through the Development Office ( or directly via