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Friday, 7 October 2011

Faculty Power Outage October 2011After suffering a complete power outage lasting 16 hours, normal operations at the Faculty have been resumed as of 5.21pm this evening. This outage has been caused by a failure of a high voltage cable from a substation that feeds Law and Criminology (located at the junction of Grange Road and West Road). The cause of the problem was not identified until about 11am this morning, after which point workers began to excavate the area and effect repairs.

Web services are now running as normal as of 7.15pm this evening.

Part IA introductory lectures were moved to Selwyn College. However, because some students were not able to make these, they were also recorded.  Students can listen to these recordings by logging in and following the links:

Any lectures scheduled to take place in the Faculty tomorrow will proceed ahead as normal.