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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cambridge University is launching a new Masters degree in Corporate Law (the MCL) that has been designed to provide a stimulating and academically rigorous programme of study for those strengthening their credentials as business lawyers. The MCL commences officially in October of this year and the Law Faculty is looking forward to welcoming the initial MCL cohort.

The MCL’s curriculum has a strong comparative dimension and the Law Faculty’s 2012-13 MCL class is truly global in orientation. Each major region in the world is well-represented among MCL students.

Details of the 2012 MCL cohort

While Cambridge welcomes applications to the MCL from those just completing their legal education as well as those who have embarked on their legal careers, most of the students in the initial MCL class have prior practical experience. This reflects the fact that the MCL will be a valuable asset for those seeking to differentiate themselves in the rapidly evolving area of corporate-oriented legal practice.

Details of the 2012 MCL cohort

The Law Faculty is now welcoming applications for 2013-14.