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Friday, 4 April 2014

Public Law (2nd edition)Oxford University Press has published the second edition of Public Law by Dr Mark Elliott and Professor Robert Thomas.

Public Law offers a fresh and distinctive approach to the subject. Covering in detail all the topics fundamental to undergraduate courses, this essential text presents a sophisticated and coherent analysis of the doctrines and institutions of public law. Throughout, this analysis is integrated with explanation of the wider socio-political context in which the constitution operates.

Three key themes run throughout the book and help you to approach the subject in a structured and accessible way that aids deeper understanding of the subject. The key themes are:

    • The significance of executive power and the challenge of ensuring that those who exercise such power are held to account;
    • The shift from a political towards a legal constitution and the implications of this change; and
    • The increasingly 'multi-layered' character of the UK constitution

Engaging, clear, and focused fully on what you need, Public Law is the perfect guide to this challenging and fascinating subject.

For more information about this book, please refer to the OUP website. For information about other publications by Dr Elliott, see his Faculty Profile.

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