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Friday, 24 October 2014
Cheffins' Research Leave Includes Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture
Professor Cheffins Delivers the Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture
Photo courtesy of Widener University School of Law.


Professor Brian Cheffins, director of the Centre for Corporate and Commercial Law (3CL) since 2009 and of the Masters Degree in Corporate Law (MCL) since 2011, is on research leave in 2014-15. He is focusing primarily on historical aspects of corporate governance, a topic on which he has written already written extensively.

Professor Cheffins is pursuing his research on the history of corporate governance under the auspices of a J.M. Keynes Fellowship in Financial Economics, which he was awarded to work on "Corporate Governance in the United States: The Historical Dimension". Professor Cheffins is also the Thomas McCraw Fellow in Business History at Harvard Business School until November.

On 17 October while at Harvard, Professor Cheffins delivered the 30th Annual Francis G. Pileggi Lecture in Law in Wilmington, Delaware. He discussed the topic "Delaware and the Development of Corporate Governance". His audience included lawyers from the Delaware and Pennsylvania bar associations, and faculty and students of Widener University School of Law.  For more information about this event please refer to the Thomson Reuters report, and the Delaware Business Court Insider (login required).

While Professor Cheffins is based at Harvard Business School he has also presented research on takeovers and share prices at a conference on stock prices at Columbia Law School. The conference was organized by the Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership.

After Professor Cheffins returns from Harvard he will give a lecture as part of UCL Current Legal Problems lecture series. His topic will be "Corporate Governance's Rise to Prominence – the British Experience".