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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Faculty of Law with flowersThe Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge looks forward to welcoming as many students as possible to Cambridge for the start of the next academic year, guided always by public health advice from the University and the UK Government.

The unique nature of legal education at the University of Cambridge springs from the close interaction of students with passionate academics who are leading researchers and authorities in their field, the opportunity for students to explore their subject within a first-rate academic environment, and doing so whilst enjoying the esprit de corps that is forged by studying with other highly talented and motivated students. The Faculty of Law is fully committed to doing everything it reasonably can to ensure that all students benefit from this experience, just as countless preceding generations of Cambridge Law students have done, as we navigate the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clearly, the situation arising from the pandemic is fast-moving, and the Faculty’s plans will be kept under review over the coming months. However, we appreciate that interaction with academic staff is absolutely key. We will strive to offer as much in-person individual and group teaching as possible, whilst being guided by UK regulations and scientific advice, and taking such steps as are necessary to keep our students and staff safe. While, in line with University policy, lectures will take place online, such teaching will take place in tandem with small-group and other forms of interactive teaching that will facilitate academically enriching interactions with our teaching staff and within our student communities. Where it is safe and viable to provide in-person interactive teaching, we will do so. Where such teaching is not deemed safe or viable, or in circumstances where it will enhance the value of the legal education that we are able to provide, we will provide interactive teaching through alternative means that will, we intend, provide opportunities for interaction between students and with Faculty Members that correspond as closely as possible to the opportunities afforded by in-person teaching.

As one of the world’s leading Law Schools, the Cambridge Faculty of Law prides itself on the outstanding quality of the education that it offers to its students, and we will be working hard over the coming weeks and months to ensure that the teaching we offer in 2020–21 is of a quality that is consistent with our global reputation.

Professor Mark Elliott
Chair of the Faculty Board