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Monday, 25 October 2021

Melbourne Law SchoolThe Faculty of Law is delighted to announce a new research collaboration with Melbourne Law School. The purpose of this partnership is to increase collaboration by stimulating new and exciting research relationships between the two institutions, specifically by providing funding for a series of workshops, initially one per calendar year. These workshops are to be co-organised by members of both institutions, and co-funded with an amount of up to £10,000 pounds per workshop.

Commenting on this initiative, Professor Mark Elliott, Chair of the Cambridge Law Faculty, said: "I am very pleased that we are in a position to announce the establishment of this collaborative endeavour with Melbourne Law School. A number of informal links already exist between Cambridge Faculty Members and their counterparts at Melbourne; we greatly look forward to reinforcing those links and to forging new ones under the auspices of this initiative."

Professor Pip Nicholson, Dean of Melbourne Law School, said: "Melbourne Law School warmly welcomes this development to support collaboration between the excellent scholars at Cambridge Law Faculty and Melbourne Law School. Over the years, the links between Melbourne Law School academics and their colleagues at Cambridge Law Faculty have deepened. This collaborative research initiative cements our existing links and enables new and exciting research partnerships to be supported."

Further details on the research collaboration scheme will be announced internally, and joint applications by Cambridge and Melbourne Faculty Members for the first workshop will be invited from January 2022.


Melbourne Law School