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Thursday, 10 November 2022

Faculty of LawThe Faculty will shortly commence a major programme of recruitment to 12 academic posts. Nine tenure-track Assistant Professorships will be advertised in the coming weeks and months, along with a Professorship, a Statutory Professorship and a fixed-term Assistant Professorship. Seven of the Assistant Professorships are entirely new, representing an unprecedented expansion of the Faculty’s academic staff. Taken together, these posts represent a major investment by the Faculty in teaching and research. They will enable the Faculty both to enhance the already outstanding student experience that it is able to offer, and to strengthen research culture by adding greater depth to existing areas of expertise and widening the range of legal specialisms represented within the Faculty.

The Assistant Professorships will be advertised in the fields of:

  • Race, Gender and the Law
  • Private Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Public Law
  • Law and Technology
  • International Law
  • Comparative Law
  • Property Law
  • Civil Law

The other posts will be advertised in the following fields:

  • Statutory Professorship (Grade 12): Private International Law/International Commercial Arbitration
  • Professorship (Grade 11): Family Law
  • Fixed-term Assistant Professorship: Family Law

These posts will both support the teaching of existing papers and enable the Faculty to launch a number of new papers. The Statutory Professorship will be advertised in Spring 2023, with the postholder beginning on 1 October 2024. All the other posts will be advertised in December 2022 with a closing date of late January 2023 and the new postholders beginning on 1 October 2023.

Online recruitment webinar

An online webinar will be held on Thursday 15 December 2022 from 10.30 am to noon UK time. Anyone who might be interested in applying for one of these posts will be warmly welcome.

The webinar will provide prospective applicants with information about the Faculty of Law, our recruitment process and the support we offer to new members of staff, and will allow us to explain a little about how Cambridge works and how the Faculty fits into the collegiate structure of the University.

Those who attend the webinar will be able to do so privately (in the sense that no information about any given attendee will be visible to any other attendee) and there will be an opportunity (anonymously if you so choose) to pose questions to the panel of current Faculty Members.

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