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Thursday, 23 May 2024

Mrs Cherry HopkinsThe Squire and the Faculty of Law are pleased to announce that an entry for Mrs Cherry Hopkins, OBE, LLB, Life Fellow at Girton College, has been added to the Eminent Scholars Archive.

Mrs Hopkins was interviewed in the Squire Law Library between 13 September 2023 and 14 February 2024. In addition to a short video excerpt and transcripts of the audio records, readers will find a photographic gallery of her life.

Mrs Hopkins was born in Salisbury in 1941, and studied around Abingdon and Caversham before reading law at Girton College Cambridge, where she obtained her LLB in 1963.

At the time Mrs Hopkins was the only woman studying Law at her college, and one of only two on the whole course.

Following her graduation, Mrs Hopkins worked first on the British Digest, which brought her under the supervision of Professor Clive Parry. She was then called to the Bar in 1965, and became a Fellow at Girton College in 1966.

In the interviews, Mrs Hopkins talks of her experiences teaching and performing many roles at the University until her retirement in 2007.

A third interview with Mrs Hopkins features her recollections of her late husband Professor John Hopkins, who was a Fellow of Downing College and an Honorary Fellow of Hughes Hall.

The Eminent Scholars Archive is available to listen, or subscribe to, via the University Streaming Media Service, iTunes and most other podcast platforms.