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Wednesday, 8 May 2024

Narine Lalafaryan awarded Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance fellowshipThe Faculty is delighted to announce that Dr Narine Lalafaryan has been appointed to a Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance fellowship from Easter 2024.

The Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF) is as an independent research centre in the University of Cambridge. The formal objective of CERF is to promote research within the University of Cambridge in all aspects of finance, financial institutions and financial markets, and their relationship with economic behaviour and performance. The holders of the CERF fellowship are assistant and associate professors at the University of Cambridge from a range of disciplines, such as economics, finance, law, management, and land economy.

Responding to her award, Dr Lalafaryan said: "I am really pleased and honoured to have been elected to the CERF Fellowship and am very much looking forward to working with colleagues on various aspects of Law and Finance. Inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas is very helpful for a more holistic understanding of how law influences finance and vice versa."

As part of her CERF Fellowship, Dr Lalafaryan will work on her proposed research project 'A Quantum Leap in Corporate Finance: Modern Capital Providers and The Firm'. The project aims to close an important gap in legal and finance scholarship: the under-studied relationship of modern day equity and debt. The project will investigate the impact of market changes on the incentives and control rights of investors and answer the question of whether the traditional finance models and the connected legal framework are fit for purpose. This is a major project, requiring substantial new research, that has the potential to affect the traditional legal/finance frameworks and to enable new research.