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The Lent Term module examinations for the MCL have been moved online. Information has been sent to all MCL students concerning assessment for the Deals course. Regarding the LLM papers that they are scheduled to take in Easter Term, MCL students should read the information on the LLM page.

MCL students should note that just as the LLM classing conventions are being revised, comparable changes are being made to the MCL classing conventions. In respect of the four MCL module marks, where a candidate’s worst mark is in a class at least one class below all the other module marks, the worst mark will be treated for classing purposes as though it were in a class one class higher than that in which it actually is. For example, a student who obtained two Firsts, one 2.1 and one 2.2 in the module examinations would be treated, for classing purposes, as having two Firsts and two 2.1s. The marks recorded on transcripts will be unaffected by this change. Revised MCL classing conventions will be published in due course.