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Please check that you have access to the assessment course containing your assessment 72 hours before the assessment is due to start. If you have any issues, contact as soon as possible.


1. Type your answers in a Word document as a single file:

i. Type your Blind Grading ID (candidate number) at the start of the document. Do not use your name or CRSid.

ii. Type the total word count at the beginning of your answers.

iii. Type the number of the question you are answering at the start of each answer.

2. When saving your Word document, include your Blind Grading ID and the paper title in the file name in that order, e.g. ‘1234A – Civil Law I’. Do not include your name or CRSid.

3. Upload and submit the file containing your answers as a Word document. Do not submit a PDF file.

By submitting your answers, you agree to adhere to the Academic Misconduct in Law Examinations 2020 rules.

MCL Examinations