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Faculty Officers
Administrative Staff
Faculty Administrator

Ms Laura Smethurst's picture
Ms Laura Smethurst Assistant Registrary; Secretary of the Faculty Board

Administrative Staff
Learning & Teaching and HR

Miss Julie Boucher's picture
Miss Julie Boucher Deputy Faculty Administrator (Learning & Teaching and HR)
Mrs Sarah Blower's picture
Mrs Sarah Blower Postgraduate Assistant
Mrs Alison Hirst's picture
Mrs Alison Hirst Degree Committee Administrator
Mrs Nicole McCarthy's picture
Mrs Nicole McCarthy Administrative Assistant
Mrs Sarah Smith's picture
Mrs Sarah Smith Examinations Administrator
Miss Suzanne Wade's picture
Miss Suzanne Wade LLM and MCL Courses Administrator
Miss Helen Waring's picture
Miss Helen Waring Faculty Officers' Secretary and Secretary to the Goodhart Professor

Administrative Staff
Finance, Research and Facilities Management

Mr Joseph Clement's picture
Mr Joseph Clement Deputy Faculty Administrator (Finance, Research & Facilities Management)
Mrs Elizabeth Aitken's picture
Mrs Elizabeth Aitken Accounts Manager
Mr John Corr's picture
Mr John Corr Evening Custodian
Ms Samantha Gatt's picture
Ms Samantha Gatt Faculty Receptionist
Mrs Felicity Eves-Rey's picture
Mrs Felicity Eves-Rey CELS and CIPIL Administrator; CLJ Editorial Assistant; Undergraduate Exchange Scheme Administrator (Law)
Mrs Sally Lanham's picture
Mrs Sally Lanham Committees Administrator; Facilities Co-ordinator; Secretary: Cambridge Private Law Centre
Mr Harley Ison's picture
Mr Harley Ison Custodian
Ms Maryam Ahmad's picture
Ms Maryam Ahmad Research Grants Administrator
Ms Priyanka Agrawal's picture
Ms Priyanka Agrawal Finance Administrator

Administrative Staff
Lauterpacht Centre for International Law

Ms Zarine Russell's picture
Ms Zarine Russell Centre Coordinator, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law
Ms Karen Fachechi's picture
Ms Karen Fachechi Centre Receptionist, Admin Support and Secretary to the Director at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law
Mrs Vanessa Bystry's picture
Mrs Vanessa Bystry Communications Co-ordinator - The Lauterpacht Centre for International Law