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Room: Room 6, 2 Adam's rd

College Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Durham University), MA (St Mary 's University, Twickenham), 5-year integrated Master in Law (University of Siena, Italy), Dip Legal Studies (University of Oxford)


Dr Caterina Milo’s research interests lie in the area of medical law and ethics. Particularly informed consent, doctor-patient relationship and reproductive ethics.

Her doctoral thesis, funded by the AHRC, was titled 'Informed consent and abortion: reframing the first medical encounter in England and Wales’. Through this work Caterina  provided a legal and ethical analysis of the informed consent literature in the context of abortion, and suggested both possible legal and policy-oriented implications. The ultimate aim of this project was to highlight the central relevance of the principles of medical partnership and women’s authentic autonomy in decision-making processes following unplanned pregnancies.

Caterina is currently working on her first monograph titled 'Informed Consent to abortion: pursuing a medical alliance', which will be published in late 2023 by Oxford University Press.

Caterina is also Research scholar of the Unesco Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights (Rome), where she co-leads the research group ‘Dignity and Equity in women’s health issues’.

CV / Biography

Dr Caterina Milo is Assistant Professor and Fellow in Law at Robinson College. She is member of the Centre for Law, Medicine and the Life Sciences and of the interdisciplinary research group 'Reproduction'. She earned her Ph.D in Law (Health law) in January 2021 from Durham Law School, with a project funded by the AHRC.  She also holds a MA in Bioethics and Medical Law (St Mary’s University-Twickenham), a 5-year master degree in Law (University of Siena, Law School, Italy), a Diploma in Legal Studies (University of Oxford, Faculty of Law).  Before joining Robinson, she was Lecturer at Exeter Law School in Medical Law, Tort and EU Law.  She is  Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK. Since 2019, she is Research Scholar at the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights Rome, where she co-directs the research group 'Dignity and Equity in women's health issues'.






"COVID-19 Vaccination and the Role of Informed Consent: England as a Case Study"

Published: May 2023

"The role of knowledge and medical involvement in the context of informed consent: a curse or a blessing?"

Published: Nov 2022

"Informed consent: an empty promise? A comparative analysis between Italy and England, Wales and Scotland"

Published: Jun 2022

"Love as a journey in the informed consent context: legal abortion in England and Wales as a case study"

Published: May 2022

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Emma Cave
Medical Law International, 20(2), 103-130
Published: Sep 2020

"Mitochondrial Donations and the Right to Know and Trace One’s Genetic Origins: an Ethical and Legal Challenge" International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family, 32(2), 170-183

Thana de-Campos
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family, 32(2), 170-183
Published: Sep 2018

Book Chapters

"La maternità come ricchezza: aspetti etici e sociali della maternità durante l’epidemia da COVID-19’ " (with Melissa Maioni), Women enhancing work changes (Franco Angeli ed., 2021), pp. 215-223

Published Oct 2021

"Criminalità’ e gioco d’azzardo", I nuovi orizzonti della criminalità organizzata (Padova: CLEUP, 2017), pp. 229-252

Published Oct 2017

Book Reviews

The human embryo in vitro

Published Jul 2022

Ethical Judgments: Re-writing Medical Law. The New Bioethics, 24(1), 99-101

Published Dec 2018

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