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Professor Richard Fentiman's picture

Professor RG Fentiman

Chair of the Faculty Board

Professor Neil H Andrews's picture

Professor NH Andrews

Deputy Chair of the Faculty Board

Dr Findlay Stark's picture

Dr FGF Stark

Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Law

Laura Smethursts's picture

Ms Laura Smethurst

Secretary of the Faculty Board

Kenneth Armstrong's picture

Professor Kenneth Armstrong

Chair of the Degree Committee

Dr Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan's picture

Dr HM Grosse Ruse-Khan

Secretary of Degree Committee

Dr Surabhi Ranganathan's picture

Dr S Ranganathan

Examinations Secretary

Mr Richard Hooley's picture

Mr RJA Hooley

Director of the Tripos

Professor Peter Harris's picture

Professor PA Harris

Director of the LLM

Dr D de Cogan's picture

Dr DA de Cogan

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Kirsty Hughes's picture

Dr KE Hughes

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Felix Steffek's picture

Dr F Steffek

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Marc Moore's picture

Dr M Moore

Director of the MCL

Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn's picture

Dr C Fenton-Glynn

Access Officer

Mr Henry Mares's picture

Mr HM Mares

Access Officer