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Professor Richard Fentiman's picture

Professor RG Fentiman

Chair of the Faculty Board

Professor Neil H Andrews's picture

Professor NH Andrews

Deputy Chair of the Faculty Board

Dr Findlay Stark's picture

Dr FGF Stark

Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Law

Daniela Manca's picture

Ms D Manca

Secretary of the Faculty Board (Maternity cover)

Kenneth Armstrong's picture

Professor Kenneth Armstrong

Chair of the Degree Committee

Dr Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan's picture

Dr HM Grosse Ruse-Khan

Secretary of Degree Committee

Dr Surabhi Ranganathan's picture

Dr S Ranganathan

Examinations Secretary

Mr Richard Hooley's picture

Mr RJA Hooley

Director of the Tripos

Professor Peter Harris's picture

Professor PA Harris

Director of the LLM

Dr D de Cogan's picture

Dr DA de Cogan

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Kirsty Hughes's picture

Dr KE Hughes

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Felix Steffek's picture

Dr F Steffek

Deputy Director of the LLM

Dr Marc Moore's picture

Dr M Moore

Director of the MCL

Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn's picture

Dr C Fenton-Glynn

Access Officer

Mr Henry Mares's picture

Mr HM Mares

Access Officer