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Education CV


B.A (hons) (Lancaster); Dip. Law; LL.M by Research (Edin); Barrister (Middle Temple).

Prizes & Scholarships

2018: The Richard III Society Bursary (awarded for a paper entitled 'The Legal Reforms of Richard III' presented at the Fifteenth Century Conference);

2017-20: The Milsom Studentship in English Legal History (Selden Society, Ph.D);

2014-16: 3-4 South Square Chambers Scholarship (Middle Temple, BPTC);

2014-16: The Dean's Award (Northumbria Law School, BPTC);

2013-14: Tercentenary Award for Excellence (Edinburgh Law School, LL.M).

Fields of research

English Legal History;

Equity and Trusts;

Land Law.


Uses in the Later Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries: Doctrine and Practice.


Ashley is a legal historian working on the historical development of trusts, then known as uses, in the period from c. 1483-1529. His research focuses on Inns of Court readings, records of litigation in the Courts of Chancery and Common Pleas as well as consideration of how uses worked in practice outside of litigation in conveyances and wills.


Dr Neil Jones

Prof. David Ibbetson

Representative Publications

Conference Papers

'Uses and the Statute of Richard III', paper presented to the 'Comparative Legal History 1050-1650' conference at the Institute of Constitutional and Legal Research at the University of St Andrews (May, 2018).

'The Legal Reforms of King Richard III', paper presented to the 39th Fifteenth Century Conference (September, 2018) (Forthcoming).

- paper awarded the 'Richard III Society Bursary'

'The Wars of the Roses and the Historical Development of Trust Law', paper presented to the Society of Legal Scholars Graduate Conference. (September 2018) (Forthcoming).

Start Date

Oct 2017