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John Adenitire A General Legal Right to Conscientious Exemption: Beyond Religious Privilege
Ms Alexandra Allan Proportionality in Case Management under the Civil Procedure Rules 1998: Meaning, Functionality and Improvement
Mr J.G. Allen The Concept of Office and Judicial Review
Mr Simon Allison The Use of Force by Non-State Actors on the High Seas: Public and Private Responses
Ibrahim Alturki Third Party Funding in International Commercial Arbitration
Miss Guljakhon Amanova The Impact of the UN Human Rights Committee on Central Asia: Facts, Challenges and Opportunities
Ekaterina Aristova Tort Liability of Transnational Corporations: The Challenge of Jurisdiction
Mr Carlos A. Arrébola The public/private divide in the economic constitution of the European Union
Pablo Baquero
Mawuse Oliver Barker-Vormawor
Mr Will Bateman Parliamentary Control of Public Money
Michael A Becker International Commissions of Inquiry and the Uses of International Law
Catherine Bevilacqua From Paper to Practice: A Socio-Legal Empirical Study on the UN Peace Operation in Haiti
Matthew Bland To be confirmed
Ms Jennifer Boddy Putting the Person back into Property: Assessing English Private Law’s Response to Human Vulnerability in the Context of Property Rights
Tom Boekestein
Beril Boz
Mr Oliver Butler Information Law in an Era of Public Services Commissioning: The Implications for Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Protection
Dannielle Cagliuso To Protect and To Section? The Police and Ambulance Services in British Mental Health Law, Policy, and Care
Giordana Campagna
Ya Lan Chang
Damien Charlotin Arguing with international legal authorities: an empirical study
Orfeas Chasapis-Tassinis Constructing a Theory of Obligation for International Organizations
Ms Anna Christie The New Hedge Fund Activism: Activist Directors and the Market for Corporate Quasi-Control
Tim Clark
Richard Clements Governing Global Justice: Managerial Practices in International Institutions
Dr Ann Sofie Cloots Fixed-Term Lecturer in Corporate Law
Mr Darragh Coffey ‘Absolute Protection and Expulsion from ECHR Contracting States: Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Non-Refoulement and Diplomatic Assurances.’
Sam Cole
Mr Aiden Cope
Michael Dafel The difference and relationship between the 'state duty to protect' and the 'horizontal application' of constitutional rights in South Africa
Catherine Drummond
Miss Tatyana Eatwell Responsibility for Internationally Wrongful Acts in Multinational Military Operations
Ms Autumn Ellis
Thomas Fairclough Human Rights in Constitutional Context: Interpreting the British Constitution
Mr Raffael Fasel
Joana Ferreira
Mr Michael Foran Equality Before the Law
Marie-France Fortin A Historical Constitutional Approach to Crown Liability: Revisiting The King Can Do No Wrong
Rebecca Freund
Ms Neli Frost
Hannah Gaffney
Ms Imogen Galilee
Miss Catherine Gascoigne Causation in the Law of the World Trade Organization
Mr Bruno Gelinas-Faucher
Despoina Georgiou
Ms Ann Kristin Glenster The Commodification of Personal Data
Jelena Gligorijevic
Emily Gordon
Mr Lewis Graham A Court Divided? Analysing the Voting Patterns of Individual Judges in the United Kingdom Supreme Court
Ms Hend Hanafy
Mr Ibrahim Hanif
Laura Hannan
Mr Ashley Hannay Uses in the Later Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries: Doctrine and Practice.
Mr Harry Harland
Darren Harvey Process Review as an Emerging Theory of Judicial Review in The European Union.
Christopher Jenkins
Natalie Jones Voice, Self-Determination and International Organizations: Towards Inclusive Global Governance
Ridhi Kabra
Laura Kennedy
Ms Eirini Kikarea
Ms So Yeon Kim
Narine Lalafaryan "Material Adverse Change Doctrine in the English Law of Debt Finance: Economic Analysis of Law"
Massimo Lando Maritime Delimitation in International Law
Wei Lun Ivan Lee The Law and Politics of Extradition and Criminal Jurisdiction in Early Colonial Hong Kong
Emilija Leinarte The international responsibility of the European Union in international economic law
Ms Liang Li
Agnes Lindberg
Mr Joseph Liptrap The Social Enterprise Company in Europe: Governance and Regulation
Ms Emily Little
Lu Liu
Mr Soterios Loizou "The Proposal for a new Common European Sales Law (CESL): On the verge of a 'New Deal' regarding cross-border sales? A Private International Law and Comparative Law analysis"
Mr John Magyar The Legacy of Anglo-American Textualism
Trina Malone Habeas Corpus and the Protection of Physical Liberty in Australia
Matteo Mantovani
Kaara Martinez Housing, Cities, and International Law
Ms Ana Julia Mauricio Complicated Compliance: National Administrative Acts Under European Union Law
Joanna McCunn The interpretation of deeds at common law, c. 1550-1630
Jacob Meagher The Constructive Trust Doctrine: Constructive Trust by Declaration
Mr Maayan Menashe
Milhan Ikram Mohamed Unravelling the rule against the discrimination of fields of technology under the patent rules of the TRIPS Agreement.
Mohamed Moussa
Harum Mukhayer Territorial Sovereignty and Boundaries in International Law
Mr Guy Mulley
Menaal Munshey
Joshua Neoh
Lan Nguyen Contributions of the UNCLOS Dispute Settlement System to the Development of Law of the Sea
Kate Ollerenshaw
Marija Pajevic
James Parish CIPIL Administrator
Luíza Leão Soares Pereira International Lawyers and the making of international law
Mr Nicholas Petrie 'A Common Law of Human Rights?'
Francisco-José Quintana The Origins and Rise of Anti-impunity in the Inter-American Human Rights System and Beyond
Kim Reising
Mr Filip Saranovic Private International Law Aspects of the Freezing Injunction
Mr Christopher Sargeant 'Holding persons to account' - A critical analysis of how the effectiveness of complex accountability regimes are best assessed
Helen Saunders "A Growing Mischief to Ancient Families": The Expectant Heir in Seventeenth-Century Chancery
Mr Rolando Seijas Bolinaga
Mr Rajiv Shah An Intellectual History of Unjust Enrichment
Mr Alexander Shattock The principle of non-intervention in civil wars (working title)
Tvisha Shroff
Mr David A Simon A Philosophy of Moral Rights? Personality, Personal Identity, & the Self
Mr Sahib Singh The Politics of Method in International Law: 1980-2012
Ezgi Taboglu
Mr Stefan Theil Towards the Environmental Minimum - An argument for environmental protection through human rights
Jeffrey Thomson
Rob Tokawa
Mr Faidon Varesis Regulating the Risk of Parallel Arbitration and Litigation Proceedings: forum competition or forum synergy?
Ms Marina Velickovic
Mr Fotis Vergis Collective Labour Rights after the Treaty of Lisbon as an element of the substantive constitutionalisation of EU law
Ms Elizabeth Virgo The effect of (non-)registration on property rights
Mr Paul Warchuk
Ms Halcyon Weber Justinian's 'decisiones' in the context of his codification
Ms Kim Willey
Mrs Estelle Wolfers Influencing justice beyond the nation state: Member State governments at the Court of Justice of the European Union
Xiaoya Xun
Yan Kai Zhou Loss of Chance Claims in Medical Negligence