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Damien Charlotin's picture


Education CV

2016-2019: Cambridge University, Faculty of Law, PhD Candidate

2014-2016: Columbia Law School / Sorbonne University / Sciences Po Paris Law School, Certificate in Global Business Law and Governance

2013-2016: Sciences Po Paris Law School, Master in Economic Law

2010-2013: Sciences Po Paris, Bachelor

Fields of research

Public International Law, Empirical Legal Studies, Private International Law, International Dispute-Settlement, Legal Argumentation, Digital Humanities.


Arguing with international legal authorities: an empirical study


I collect and study citations to precedents and other authorities as found in international courts and tribunals' jurisprudence and parties' submissions, studying the process of authority-based argumentation in international law: how do you create/develop/undermine(?) an "authority" (auctoritas), what are the strongest authorities and the best argumentative strategies, etc.

In the process, I build databases of international judgments and awards that, I hope, will prove useful to future practitionners and academics.


Dr. Michael Waibel

Representative Publications

W. Alschner & D. Charlotin, "The Growing Complexity of the International Court of Justice's Self-Citation Network: Institutional Achievement or Access-to-Justice Concern?", EJIL, forthcoming.

D. Charlotin, "The Place of Investment Awards and WTO Decisions in International Law: A Citation Analysis", Journal of International Economic Law, 2017.

D. Charlotin, "Spotting the voices of assistants, secretaries and secretariats in investment arbitration: a stylometric analysis", Proceedings of the Conference on the Legitimacy of Unseen Actors in International Adjudication,Cambridge Studies on International Courts and Tribunals, forthcoming.

Start Date

Oct 2016

End date

Sep 2019