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Mr Joseph Liptrap's picture


Education CV


  • PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge (2017) - present 
  • LLM by Research (Distinction), University of Edinburgh (2017) 
  • LLM in Corporate Law (Distinction), University of Edinburgh (2016)
  • LLB (Merit), University of Edinburgh (2015)

Research Experience  

  • Research assistant to Dr Remus Valsan (director of the LLM in Corporate Law programme, University of Edinburgh) (2017) - present 

Academic Activities 

  • Managing Editor, Cambridge International Law Journal (2018) - present 
  • General Editor, Cambridge International Law Journal (2017) - (2018)


Fields of research

Comparative law, company law, corporate governance, law and economics, experimental economics, evolutionary ecomomics, theories of the firm, strategic management, business ethics, social enterprise, takeover regulation.


The Social Enterprise Company: Governance and Regulation





Dr Marc Moore (Supervisor)

Professor Simon Deakin (Adviser)


First Year Examiners: 

Professor Simon Deakin

Dr Felix Steffek 

Representative Publications

"Goldilocks (Control) and the Three Bears: Panel on Takeovers and Mergers v King" (forthcoming in Edinburgh Law Review ​22(3) (2018)) (with A L Christie).

"Mobile dating applications and partnership law: Worbey v CampbellEdinburgh Law Review 22(2), 274-282 (2018). 

"The Legacy of B Lab: Italy’s Società BenefitEdinburgh Law School Centre for Commercial Law Blog (2017).

"A world without Prest in criminal confiscation proceedings? R v Powell and WestwoodThe Company Lawyer ​38(12), 382-385 (2017). 

"Directors' disqualification proceedings: Bradley v HM Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and SkillsEdinburgh Law Review 21(2), 222-227 (2017).

"Piercing the corporate veil in the statutory context: Campbell v Peter Gordon Joiners LtdEdinburgh Law Review 21(1), 103-109 (2017).

"Piercing the corporate veil: R v Boyle Transport (Northern Ireland) LtdThe Company Lawyer 37(11), 345-347 (2016). 

Start Date

Oct 2017

End date

Oct 2020