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Education CV

Current Position

  • Residential Fellow, Institute for Global Law & Policy, Harvard Law School (since August 2019)
  • Consultant, Open Society Foundation - Justice Initiative


  • PhD in Law, Cambridge University (awarded Jan 2020)
  • LLM cum laude in Public International Law, Leiden University
  • LLB (hons) Law with Politics, Queen's University Belfast

Scholarships and Awards

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council - Doctoral Training Partnership award (2016-2019)
  • Yorke Fund, Cambridge Law Faculty (Aug 2018)
  • AHRC Research Training & Support Grant (Jul 2018)
  • Pillman Fund, Girton College (Feb 2018)
  • AHRC Research Training & SupportGrant (Jan 2018)
  • Edgar Graham Memorial Scholarship, Queen's University Belfast (Aug 2014)
  • Leonardi da Vinci scholarship, European Commission (Sept 2013)

Teaching Experience

  • Cambridge LL.M. Graduate teaching assistant, International Criminal Law, on the subjects of sources of international law and the law of immunities (2017-2019)
  • Cambridge LL.B. Graduate supervisor, International Law, on the subjects of jurisdiction and immunities, state responsibility, the international use of force, and international law in domestic courts (2018-2019)

Research Experience

  • Research Assistant, Surabhi Ranganathan on international rule of law project (Jun-Sept 2017)
  • Research Assistant, Jean d'Aspremont on monograph (Jan-Apr 2017)
  • Policy & Research Assistant, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (2016-2017)
  • Case Reporter, Oxford Reports on International Law (2016)
  • Legal Intern, Appeals Chamber, International Criminal Court (2015-2016)
  • Legal Intern, Defence team, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (Jun-Aug 2015)
  • Paralegal, Carson McDowell LLP (2012-2013)

Academic Service

  • Co-Convenor, Public International Law PhD Group, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law (2018-2019)
  • MCR General Secretary, Girton College, Cambridge (2018-2019)
  • Undergraduate Admissions interviewer, Girton College, Cambridge (Dec 2018)
  • Tutor, Sixth Form Law Taster session, Girton College, Cambridge (Feb 2018)
  • Editor-in-Chief, Cambridge International Law Journal (2017-2018)
  • General Editor, Cambridge International Law Journal (2016-2017)

Fields of research

International criminal law, law of international organisations, international legal theory, critical legal theory, history of international law, Critical Management Studies


Governing International Criminal Justice: Managerial Practices and the International Criminal Court


Audits, indicators, strategic plans, performance appraisals, and restructuring exercises are now part of the everyday life of international organisations. My research seeks to understand how these practices and a broader managerial discourse have become so prominant within organisations like the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, and to what effect. The project traces the origins of management, the context and rationale for management's migration into these institutions, and management's effects on the organisational reality and identity of those working inside them. Drawing on critical management theory, this research explores the managerial history of these organisations, the interplay between the expertise of law and management, and the hegemonic effects which management has within the wider global justice project. 


Surabhi Ranganathan

Representative Publications


'ReVisiting the ICC Registry’s ReVision Project' (2019) 17 Journal of International Criminal Justice 259-284

'From Bureaucracy to Management: The International Criminal Court's Internal Progress Narrative' (2019) 32 Leiden Journal of International Law 149-167

'Managerialism: The Before, During, and After of Fragmentation in International Law' (2017) Queen Mary Law Journal 1-12

Book Reviews

'International Law as a Belief System. By Jean d'Aspremont' (2018) 88 British Yearbook of International Law

'International Criminal Law in Context. By Philipp Kastner' (2018) 18 International Criminal Law Review 739-741

Conference Papers

‘Governing From the Inside Out: Managerial Practices at the International Criminal Court', Critical International Law Colloquium, London, September 2018

'How Managerial Practices Universalise the Particular', European Society of International Law Annual Meeting, Manchester, September 2018

'Of Narratives and Crossroads: The ICC's Study Group on Governance and Other Managerial Practices', Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, June 2018

'People with Projects at the International Criminal Court', 7th Annual Cambridge International Law Conference, Cambridge, April 2018

'Managerialism: The Before, During, and After of Fragmentation in International Law', 8th Annual Queen Mary Postgraduate Legal Conference, London, June 2017


Invited speaker, 'Managerial Practices at the International Criminal Court: Enhancing Efficiency or Reinforcing Hegemony?', OxonCourts Discussion Group, Oxford University (Jun 2018)

'Managerial Rhetoric at the International Criminal Court', Cambridge Legal Theory Discussion Group, Cambridge Law Faculty (Feb 2018)

'Managerialism at the International Criminal Court', PhD Research Development Programme, Cambridge Law Faculty (May 2017)

'Send them to The Hague?: The Limits of the International Criminal Court', Girton College, Cambridge (Mar 2017)

Blog posts

'Proxies for Progress: Performance Indicators at the International Criminal Court' (Elgar Blog, 18 July 2017)


Essay (1st prize), Clingendael-Igarapé Essay Contest, 'UN Security Council reform: Towards ad hoc Security Councils', presented at Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Nov 2014)

Twitter: RAClements1991

Start Date

Oct 2016

End date

Oct 2019